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Power up traditional cupping therapy by layering in vibration!

The RockPods VibeTM system includes four silicone pods – each with their own cordless rechargeable motors and customizable speeds. Use RockPods Vibe for myofascial decompression, as tactile stimuli to engage posture, for movement preparation or for mechanical stimulation.

RockPods Vibe pairs well with RockRub emollient.


Reviews (4)

RockPods vibe

Written by Mariann Brooks on 29th Oct 2022

My clients are really digging these cups. They say it feels like a combination of a cup and a TENS unit. Favorite spots for the cups so far have been SI joints, bottom of the feet, insertion of levator scapula, insertion of deltoids, medial and lateral knee at the same time for arthritis discomfort, and infraspinatis. One of my clients had a pulled intercostal muscle, so I stuck on a cup where the discomfort was and let it purr for 15 minutes. She said it took her pain level from a 7 down to a 2. I personally enjoy using the cups on myself for sore extensor tendons. My only complaint is I wish the set came with at least 6 cups. They’re really pricey for only 4.

Product review

Written by Benjamin Kakallis on 29th Aug 2022

The product in theory is great. However, poor packaging leads to warped cups that won’t keep suction. I had a pod that did not charge. I think more could be done with quality control and packaging.

RobkPods Vibe

Written by Allison Milano-Stolar on 9th Aug 2022

I absolutely love the RockPods Vibe Cupping Set. The outcome with my clients has been positive with various sports injuries and rehab. I highly recommend this product for anyone working in sport medicine, rehab or recovery.


Written by Kenna Lewis on 5th Aug 2022

The RockPods are amazing. We are using them during massage therapy sessions and they really help release the muscles.

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