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The TriggerPoint™ CHARGE™ VIBE Vibrating Massage Roller helps to reduce the sensation of pain and provides a quicker muscle recovery process. Its compact design includes elevated and opposing curves to replicate effective massage therapy techniques and accelerate post-workout recovery time.



• The CHARGE VIBE helps to reduce the sensation of muscle pain and discomfort and provides a quicker, more effective muscle recovery process

• Designed with elevated and opposing curves replicates effective massage therapy techniques; vibration technology helps to reduce muscle pain and tension

• High and wide ridges stretch the muscles, high and narrow ridges squeeze the muscles as you roll to promote blood circulation to hard-to-reach muscle tissue

• Combining the CHARGE pattern and multi-speed vibration technology delivers a powerful massage experience that helps your muscles recover faster

• Measures 7 x 4 inches and weighs 2 pounds; rechargeable battery can last up to two hours; AC charger included; backed by one-year limited warranty

Reviews (4)


Written by Adam on 12th Oct 2022

well engineered and thought out for application...worth the try

Great for upper and lower extremity (and of course backs)

Written by Ross Dexter on 9th May 2022

My patients have been getting a huge amount of use and relief with the addition of the Charge Vibe to their pre- and post- practice routines as well as with use for therapeutic intervention. From MTSS to TOS to sore quads, we are loving the Charge Vibe!

Charge Vibe

Written by Pat on 14th Feb 2020

This is a fantastic vibration tool! The Charge Vibe is a favorite of our clients due to the convenience of easily being used for hand-held vibration stimulus or against a wall or the floor for deeper pressure when needed. Highly recommended!


Written by Paula Hitchcock-Turner on 20th Dec 2019

It is great for Achilles pain and ankle mobilization . Great power in such a small device

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