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The TriggerPoint MB Vibe massage ball is a must-have for athletes who want to perform at their optimal level day in and day out. Combined with the spherical design for multi-directional rolling, the roller's vibrations penetrate deep into muscles to target tense muscles with precision. With 3 different vibration speeds, the MB Vibe helps increases circulation compared to non-vibrating massage balls. Ideal for use before a workout, the vibrating massage ball loosens and lengthens muscles to increase flexibility. Roll with the MB Vibe to reduce soreness and stiffness faster than you would with a non-vibrating roller. The roller includes a rechargeable battery, which lasts for up to 2 hours of use per charge.



  • MB Vibe massage ball is a vibrating roller that features 3 different vibration speeds to help athletes customize every massage
  • Spherical shape allows for multi-directional rolling, helping individuals pinpoint and target
  • Vibrating massage ball is wrapped in high-density silicone to grip the skin for an enhanced massage muscle soreness
  • Includes a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 2 hours per charge
  • Dimensions: 4” x 4” x 4”, Weight: 1.65 lbs
  • Backed by 1 year limited warranty


Reviews (7)

Perfect for Hips and Lower extremity work

Written by Ross Dexter on 9th May 2022

From sore low backs and hips to pre- and post- training work on quads and hamstrings the MB Vibe is a fan favorite with our athletes. It does anything and everything a lax ball will do and more and goes just about everywhere very effectively! One note of caution, don't use on concrete or asphalt if you don't like scratches and dings.


Written by Samuel D Egan on 15th Aug 2021

Charge lasts forever and the vibration can go so high it’s hard to simply hold on to which actually feels pretty nice for jobs that requires a lot of hand use. Definitely a fun addition to any Trigger Point self care kit.

Small but mighty

Written by TJ on 18th Jun 2021

Great product, I've seen similar versions that cost more and do the same. Implus/Trigger Point/Rocktape always have solid products. The color is nice so you don't lose it.


Written by Lisa on 30th Oct 2020

Absolutely LOVE this tool!! Have had 3 clients purchase it to do manual work on themselves and I use it on clients both as a massage tool and a distraction while I stretch!! Have gotten some amazing results!!

MB Vibe

Written by Lisa on 16th Oct 2020

This is the best tool to use in conjunction with Dr Perry Nickelston’s lymph work. In his course he used it to demonstrate how vibration can assist in lymph flow as well as organ resets. I’m telling everyone and using it on anyone that’ll stand still! I haven’t used it too much for recovery, although I guess you could say activating lymph IS recovery also.


Written by Ellen Crook on 17th Apr 2020

I love this tool! I use it almost every day. It is perfect for recovery. I use it along with my foam roller. Excellent product. Highly recommend it!!

MB vibe - perfect for a gym bag

Written by jeff lambert-shemo on 27th Feb 2020

The size is perfect for a gym/swim bag and it packs a punch to inhibit and relax sore or painful muscles. This is a great tool because it is also able to be hand-held if you can stand the vibration...it is pretty powerful if you turn up the intensity! I am using it for myself, my rehabilitation clients, and my gymnasts. Everyone I show it to is happy with it and it happy about the price in addition to the quality and versatility. I just don't suggest it as a dog toy...Lenny's head shook like crazy until he dropped it!! :-)

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