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The TriggerPoint MB Vibe massage ball is a must-have for athletes who want to perform at their optimal level day in and day out. Combined with the spherical design for multi-directional rolling, the roller's vibrations penetrate deep into muscles to target tense muscles with precision. With 3 different vibration speeds, the MB Vibe helps increases circulation compared to non-vibrating massage balls. Ideal for use before a workout, the vibrating massage ball loosens and lengthens muscles to increase flexibility. Roll with the MB Vibe to reduce soreness and stiffness faster than you would with a non-vibrating roller. The roller includes a rechargeable battery, which lasts for up to 2 hours of use per charge.



  • MB Vibe massage ball is a vibrating roller that features 3 different vibration speeds to help athletes customize every massage
  • Spherical shape allows for multi-directional rolling, helping individuals pinpoint and target
  • Vibrating massage ball is wrapped in high-density silicone to grip the skin for an enhanced massage muscle soreness
  • Includes a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 2 hours per charge
  • Dimensions: 4” x 4” x 4”, Weight: 1.65 lbs
  • Backed by 1 year limited warranty


Reviews (2)


Written by Ellen Crook on 17th Apr 2020

I love this tool! I use it almost every day. It is perfect for recovery. I use it along with my foam roller. Excellent product. Highly recommend it!!

MB vibe - perfect for a gym bag

Written by jeff lambert-shemo on 27th Feb 2020

The size is perfect for a gym/swim bag and it packs a punch to inhibit and relax sore or painful muscles. This is a great tool because it is also able to be hand-held if you can stand the vibration...it is pretty powerful if you turn up the intensity! I am using it for myself, my rehabilitation clients, and my gymnasts. Everyone I show it to is happy with it and it happy about the price in addition to the quality and versatility. I just don't suggest it as a dog toy...Lenny's head shook like crazy until he dropped it!! :-)

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