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The Grid Vibe Plus vibrating foam roller helps provide pain relief, increased relaxation, and faster recovery. Its cordless, rechargeable design features high-density EVA foam specifically in a compact, portable size for targeted relief.



• Vibrating foam roller is cordless, rechargeable and includes four vibration frequencies that are ideal for pain relief and muscle relaxation

• Patented multi-density GRID surface channels blood and oxygen through the muscle to increase circulation and accelerate muscle recovery

• Small 3.5 inch diameter provides less surface area while rolling delivering targeted relief to deep layers of tissue

• Recommended roller to prepare the body for peak performance by helping users relieve muscle pain and tightness before physical activity

• Measures 12 x 3.5 inches and weighs 2.5 pounds; rechargeable battery can last up to two hours; AC charger included; backed by one-year limited warranty

Reviews (2)


Written by cORBIN tOLEN on 25th Dec 2020

This device is okay, it does not have the same diameter as the regular Grid Roller. This rollers diameter is about the inside diameter of a regular Grid Roller. A little on the small side because of this but it still works. Would be better if it was the standard size. Harder to use on some areas because of this.

grid vibe plus

Written by Jeff Lambert-shemo on 27th Feb 2020

I received this product and immediately fell in love with its ability to go a step beyond a foam roller or percussive massager. I tried it myself to calm my overuse hip flexor and adductors, and immediately was able to inhibit the muscles better than ever to have a successful and pain-free run! I have continued to utilize it and travel with it to events and my gymnastics group just purchased 3 of them to share! In fact, one of my post-surgical rehab patients purchased one yesterday as well to calm his overactive nerves. After 3-4 minutes of using mine, his ROM improved dramatically so he ordered one immediately.

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