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Become a master fascial manipulator with RockPods! This unique set of eight silicone pods (4 large, 4 small) allow you to grab, pull and push fascia to treat pain*, mobility and movement dysfunctions.*

Made from medical-grade silicone and packaged in a convenient carrying case, every RockPods includes a quick-start guide. Want to become a master at RockPods? Take an FMT RockPods course near you and learn advanced techniques while earning CEUs!

RockPods are available now at a discounted rate exclusively for medical professionals. These tools are intended for professional use only.

Why are RockPods Better?

  • 100% food grade silicone is easier to keep clean and sterile than glass or plastic
  • The built-in handles create the suction – no flame or separate vacuum device required
  • Promotes internal glide: move the skin with the cup, not the cup itself
  • Two levels of suction: plunger and inversion
  • Can be used with RockSauce, RockRub and RockTape


  • Two sizes allow for treating different target areas
  • Comes with EVA carrying case
  • Handles allow for manipulation of the skin
  • Detailed quick start guide included


  • 100% food grade silicone
  • One piece design
  • (4) Small pods - 2.25" (57 mm)
  • (4) Large pods - 2.63" (67 mm)
  • Custom EVA carry case

*Not clinically proven for all injuries. Our products and website are not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. Warranties and remedies are limited to replacement cost.

*You will need to login to receive the MedPro discounted price for RockPods. 

Reviews (52)


Written by Iliana on 9th Oct 2022

I reviewed wrong product on first comment. These are actually great, and looking to add more to my practice!


Written by Iliana Cruz on 9th Oct 2022

Clients are loving the vibration treatment. However cups could have a better design. A bit flimsy and soft not allowing a good suction/pressure. Takes time to apply them just right..

Cups for movement

Written by Heather on 11th Aug 2022

These cups are my favorite to use while in motion. They bend and shape to the body allowing for movement without popping off.

Great cups

Written by Jo alexander on 4th Jun 2022

Well-designed cups in two sizes. Love the zippered case, too!


Written by Heather on 2nd Jun 2022

I love these cups. They mold to the body and allow for more movement during a treatment than any other.


Written by christy mckenzie on 19th Apr 2022

These are so easy to use. The results are blowing me away. I have used other cups and have not had the same results. My clients are happy and so am I.


Written by Hawten Slaton on 16th Dec 2021

I just purchased 2 more sets of Rock Pods for a total of 4 sets. Well made, easy to clean and function well. My clients love the results and I love their simplicity and quality! Well done Rock Tape!


Written by Kathie Deering on 28th Jul 2021

Best thing ever. Like that I can move them around. Clients don't find them as harsh as regular cups.


Written by Brad on 29th Jun 2021

Worked just as I needed to assist in reducing post surgical scar tissue. They are pliable enough so they don't fall off if your using them with movement which is important in a rehab setting.

ROckpods cupping set

Written by Margaret Belland on 10th Apr 2021

Haven’t used the bigger ones yet, the small ones work great. It would be nice to have a slightly smaller set for use on small hands and face work.


Written by Lbrant on 6th Mar 2021

I like these cups, because they are easier to use with active STM! They also leave less bruises!


Written by Anton Anthony on 19th Jan 2021

Rock pods rock!!!


Written by Jermaine on 14th Jan 2021

I love this product, the suction is awesome. I work with a lot of athletes and putting the cups on and taking them through a range of motion without the cups falling off is perfect for me. The materials are easy to clean, and the pouch is great to have.

Rock Pods

Written by David Rivera on 28th Nov 2020

Absolutely love these rock pods! I’ve used them on myself and my clients as an “ad-on” service to get them moving better and back to activity ASAP! Really easy to use and different size pods for different areas of the body are key as well. Would definitely recommend these pods for sure.

Rock pods

Written by Millie Akbar on 15th Oct 2020

Great product. Works wonders

rock pods

Written by frederick wintermantel on 17th Aug 2020

I love these cups. I use plastic cups in my clinic and have them pop off with performing exercises and found that these silicon cups stay better and feel better for patients. I have bought a second set for the clinic .

rock pods

Written by Cathy Reed on 15th Aug 2020

These are a wonderful addition to my collection. I often use them to jostle the tissue. Great for scars and bound down areas!

Rock Pods

Written by Dr. Nick Chicoine on 11th Jun 2020

If you're at all interested in cupping, just buy these. Such a simple and elegant way to implement cupping without the hassle of hauling and cleaning a bunch of glass cups or deal with a fire element. Couldn't be happier with these!

Another great product

Written by Ashley horner on 6th Feb 2020

Always impressed with Rocktape, they make all rock tools super user friendly and easy to use. Rockpods work so well for me! I also love that You can pack them up and easily take them with you anywhere you go

RockPods - Very Impressed!

Written by Mitchell Hall on 27th Dec 2019

I was not quite sure what to expect with the Rockpods, as I have gotten used the the hard plastic cups with the suction gun. I did not think that these would get enough suction, but they are actually great at getting the right amount (for most purposes) without causes too much discomfort for our patients. I took the course for these and left very impressed. I have purchased one set at plan on getting at least one more! Well done!

Rocktape cupping set

Written by Dr. Daniel j. Reiss dc,ccap,nc. on 21st Dec 2019

The set of cups are an excellent value a great tool for chronic pain and treating patients with Sports injuries in and out of the office, I have found them to be very useful in conjunction with my myo-fascial work, triggerpoints as well as my acupuncture work with patients.


Written by Cliff ellis on 13th Nov 2019

Great tool to use at home or clinic. Durable and easy to clean. Creates a great seal


Written by Karin Thornton on 7th Oct 2019

These cups are fantastic! I was introduced to cupping using a plastic set but sometimes find them a bit cumbersome. These allow me to work on function with my patients with much more ease and comfort.


Written by debbie stempf on 17th Aug 2019

I love these Rockpods! The black ones are the only ones I seem to use because the red ones don't hold as well...they seem a little stiff and hard to get really good suction.


Written by Vicky Szymula, MS, ATC/CSCS, CKTP on 25th Jul 2019

I don’t think there is a word for how much I love these cups. As an AT, I am always looking for tools that can help my athletes get better faster. I have actually integrated use of these cups into many of my rehabs. I am a believer in this product and so are my athletes!

RockPods Cupping Set

Written by CHARLES L OWEN on 23rd Jul 2019

Great quality and durability. Appreciate the storing/carrying case.


Written by Scott Jeppson on 21st Jul 2019

The rockpods are amazing!! Completely portable and work great on my patients


Written by Kraig Barthlama on 15th Jul 2019

So easy to use with awesome results. Great product

GReat cups!

Written by Hawten Slaton on 14th Jul 2019

I took the cup certification in April and got my first set shortly after. Then I got another set when Rock-Tape had a sale. These cups are well made silicone, with a wide lip. Good contact point for good suction. Add some oil or lotion and do some massage work with suction. I would recommend these to cups to any therapist or others that want to try cupping therapy. Great quality construction and a great carrying case too! Sincerely, Hawten Slaton, CMT, LMT


Written by Rodney Jaime on 18th Apr 2019

I have several sets. Overall performance is great. Easy to clean. My only complaint is the outter edge on 2 of the larger black cups have slightly split from turning them inside out for stronger suction. And this was not from over use, they were pretty new. I would imagine an issue in manufacturing. They are kept in the case in the air condition.


Written by Ivan Thompson on 21st Mar 2019

Great product love the grip they provide and the ability to move tissues around with them!


Written by Ivan Thompson on 9th Mar 2019

I got my Rockpods yesterday and I have been able to get them on some of my clients. They are great really like the top gripping area that they provide so you can pullout with them and slide them around creating a completely different massage experience for the client. I have been exploring different ways to use them and how it affects difference in the outcome for the client! Looking forward to the training class as well!


Written by Ivan Thompson on 9th Mar 2019

I got my Rockpods yesterday and I have been able to get them on some of my clients. They are great really like the top gripping area that they provide so you can pullout with them and slide them around creating a completely different massage experience for the client. I have been exploring different ways to use them and how it affects difference in the outcome for the client! Looking forward to the training class as well!

RockPods are rockstar pods

Written by Aaron Witz on 16th Jan 2019

I am absolutely in love with these cups, from their ingenious pump system, to the flip technique that increases the suction, to the colors, to the fancy storage case. You have probably gotten a bunch of information from the other reviews, so I won't bother to repeat a majority of what everyone else has said. The one thing I will say that is unique and amazing about these cups is that the area on the edge of the cup that touches the skin is a lot wider, and provides more surface area to contact the skin than your standard compression/pump/fire cups. The thing that makes this fact amazing is that you avoid the deep circular compression marks left by a harder "edged" surface, making the experience of having these applied to an area much more pleasant. You do not have to worry about decompression provided by the suction causing a painful compression on the border.


Written by David k on 10th Jan 2019

I found the pods to be nice quality but difficult to work with and limited instructions on how to get pods to stay in place with other modalities or topical treatment. The placement of the pods appears limited by suction quality on certain areas ie. Low back, quad, hamstring


Written by Adam Stephens on 6th Dec 2018

I really like RockPods. I think with the two application methods they get the suction needed. The portability and ease of use are another positive for me. Adding a few more sizes would be a plus but the two sizes offered are suitable for most situations. The only neg I have is I would like the handles to have a little more texture as I use lubrication on my clients and the cups can become slippery, but that is a very minor neg.

Great post op rehab tool

Written by Sandra on 12th Nov 2018

I recently had cervical disc replacement surgery at the c5c6 vertebrae and these suction cups have helped me SO much with muscle spasms and tightness! Whenever I start to feel the tightness, especially around angry nerves, i do a cupping session and immediately feel relief.

Rock Pods

Written by Grant Elliott on 28th Oct 2018

Absolutely love the Rock Pods. Very good at staying where they are put and are easy to use. Have worked phenomenally so far in clinic. Highly recommend!

So much mobility

Written by Anita Altemeyer on 26th Oct 2018

I have been using these for quick mobility and stretching prior to workouts for my clients. They love them and I love that I don't have to be so hands on with the soft tissue mobilization.


Written by daniel bradley on 14th Oct 2018

I find them very useful. I love them

Gets the job done

Written by Mary Ann Zumpfe, LMT on 10th Oct 2018

With or Without Lubrication, these Rock Pods can get the job done. It's all about the "Lifting" action on the surface of the skin that can get really deep and move out stagnant fluid, congestion in the tissues, and loosens scar tissue to promote fast healing and recuperation time.

ROck pods

Written by Ewa Cerven on 5th Oct 2018

With over 8 years of working with different cupping technique I find this cups helpfull with decompression of the of the fascia releasing of adhesions and fascia manipulation due to the nobs design to be able lift A+++ for the designer .Thank you

New cupping set

Written by Tori on 30th Sep 2018

So far I have only used the smaller cup size on 1 patient for shoulder anterior capsule adhesions and pain with ROM. Applied 1 small cup and had pt go through available range with cup in place, increased the range while cup was on (and range with no pain). Kept on for 3 minutes total with various movements. Removed cup and pt retained motion in all planes and no pain! Success! Can't wait to test these out for other mobility issues! Love the case- very convenient! Great quality of cupping pods. I also like that there are 2 size options in the set and the price point! Bring the cupping course to Missouri!

ROCK pods

Written by John on 22nd Sep 2018

Other than that it is harder to use them as moving cups. They however are convenient, portable, and easy to use.


Written by Jay Patel on 20th Sep 2018

great tool to use after a workout.

easy and effective

Written by Kate on 18th Sep 2018

We added RockPods into our PT clinic because our plastic cupping set was both too cumbersome and too uncomfortable for clients when adding movement. RockPods solve this AND are fast to apply since there is no pump involved. The silicone is very comfortable, even in sensitive areas or for clients who are amped up due to pain.

Rock Pods

Written by JEREMY MINNICK on 17th Sep 2018

Rock Pods work as advertised. I have used acrylic cup sets for years and I think these will do the same job.

Cupps review

Written by Dr. Alexsandro dos Santos on 16th Sep 2018

These cups are a good Tool for patients with sensitive skin, young athletes and elderly. These cups does not provide enough suction to break down tough adhesions. Still a good tool to have in the office.

My patients love them!

Written by Goldi Jacques-Maynes on 10th Sep 2018

RockPods are the perfect addition to my manual therapy treatment options. Many of my chiropractic patients are afraid of acupuncture, but curious about cupping. The RockPods are easy to use and easy to clean. I’ve treated patients with neck tension, shoulder pain, low back pain and exercise related muscle soreness. So far folks are seeing faster results, increased movement, and decreased pain.


Written by daniel bradley on 26th Aug 2018

I still have to figure out what I'm doing. I think I'm going to like them.


Written by jb on 11th Aug 2018

easy to use. solid construction.


Written by Yoni brick on 23rd Jul 2018

They have good skin contact/ suction on most areas. Locations such as plantar foot or gastrox on many smaller leaner clients the pods can’t be applied. Overall I’m very happy with them.

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