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Say hello to your new all-in-one adhesion blasting, muscle massaging, miracle tool that will keep you moving on the go. The RockBlades Mullet is the perfect portable muscle relief powerhouse. Named after the sweet haircut, the Mullet is all business up front and party in the back. Get down to business breaking up muscle adhesions, knots and problem areas, all with one tool. Once you’re done it’s time to party. Use the bottle opener to crack open your favorite beverage. Proven by thousands of medical professionals across the world, you are holding in your hand the power to reduce muscle aches and improve range of motion.


The RockBlades Mullet is a convenient portable muscle relief powerhouse. With 4 treatment surfaces and multiple treatment edges, previously impossible-to-reach areas don’t stand a chance.


IASTM has been long proven to be an effective, drug-free treatment for muscle aches and soreness by thousands of medical professionals. You now hold that power in your hand.


Worried you don’t have the skills? No worries - the Mullet includes a convenient quick-start guide that will get you scraping and taping in no-time. Want more help? Check out our videos online. 



  • Made of durable polycarbonate (plastic)
  • Textured surfaces (with a laser engraved manifesto) for added grip and polished edges for a smooth glide
  • Four unique contoured edges to address all body parts
  • 50 g RockRub included
  • Comes with detailed quick start guide
  • Bottle opener, no explanation needed!



  • Material: Polycarbonate (plastic)
  • Weight: 195 g / 0.6 lb
  • Dimensions: 5.9 in x 4.4 in x 0.34 in
  • Treatment Surfaces: 4

Reviews (12)


Written by Filly Flavel on 14th Dec 2021

Plastic has a weird ridge right on the edge that scratches the skin. Instead of a smooth edge


Written by Dr. Ron savignano on 19th Nov 2021

Finally pulled the trigger and purchased. Been using Mullett on myself and patients and now I'm a believer!!


Written by Sam on 14th Nov 2020

This is awesome! I have used many different tools like this, and this one is a great, inexpensive option for anyone looking to start this type of therapy.

Rockblades Mullet

Written by Elias Aguirre on 26th Jul 2020

I was excited to receive my Rockblades Mullet. I have applied the Mullet on myself to improve muscle function and improve joint stress from excessive HITT training I performed. My recovery is very important to my functional capacity at home, work, and playing fields. I am glad I purchased the Mullet! Looking forward to taking some IASTM courses in the near future.

4 Stars is fair

Written by Cameron Sutherland DC on 18th May 2020

Not same feel with IASTM as mohawk, recommend this for those starting out or essentially homecare/self use rather than in office. Still a great product but using the mohawk was definitely easier to get a soft tissue response etc. Not a bad starting tool for students

All in one

Written by Brittany Ullah on 19th Dec 2019

I love this tool it’s all in one and allows it easier to travel with. It came with rock rub too, and I have to say I’m a fan of using both simultaneously. Easy to carry, easy to hold, easy to use!


Written by VICKY SZYMULA, MS, ATC/CSCS, CKTP on 25th Jul 2019

As an AT my hands get tired trying to work on multiple athletes. The design of this tool makes it easier to grip and also reduces the need to switch between different tools! I love it so much I’ve convince many of my coworkers to start using it as well!

MulEtt revuew

Written by Chrissy Halioris on 25th Jan 2019

Great affordable blade.

RockBlade Mullet

Written by Beau Laurence on 15th Jan 2019

I attended the certification class in December, but didn't want to spend the money for the steel tools, so a few weeks later I bought the plastic version. I've used it on about 15 patients (I do massage therapy/soft tissue rehab in a chiro clinic), and can say that it is amazing. Better results, faster results, more comfortable for both them and me. The change in tissue tone after just 30 seconds is stunning. I'll be upgrading to the more expensive set next paycheck. And I have convinced the D.C. to change from Graston-type tools as well.

Rockblades mullet

Written by DR. KYLE WEBB on 28th Dec 2018

This tool is versatile and light on the grip. Patient's are loving it more than my gua sha tool that was my standard IASTM tool.

Plastic mullet

Written by Lisa on 26th Oct 2018

Good home use tool. Not too heavy. I can see why they developed surgical steel tools for office. . Easy to clean and indestructible.

Rockblade Mullet

Written by Daniel Stroup on 18th Oct 2018

My go to rockblade tool. Easy to work with, lightweight works great

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