RockBlades 2.0 - Complete Soft Tissue IASTM System

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Attention Health & Fitness Professionals

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"I have been using Graston and other IASTM tools for about 7 years. The Mallet is going to be one of my favorite new assets to my treatment plans. It is an all in one tool that feels great with less fatigue when doing myofascial work. Two thumbs up!" - John Bartholet, DC

Welcome to the future of IASTM. Now even better with all stainless steel tools. Every detail of RockBlades—each edge, angle, and contour, was carefully cultivated and refined over the course of two years.

RockBlades are comprised of two precision-engineered and manufactured instruments: a surgical-grade stainless steel “Mallet” and a surgical-grade stainless steel “Mullet,” accompanied by a 100% natural RockRub emollient and sanitizing wipes to form a complete, turn-key IASTM system. 

RockBlades are sold as a complete IASTM solution - 1 Mallet, 1 Mullet, a 50g RockRub Jar and a pack of sanitizing wipes. They're housed in a reusable docking station made of high quality plastic that can be washed and used to store the tools for use and display.

The Mallet

"I am no amateur to IASTM. I've used quite a few with certifications. There are two tools in this kit. The stainless steel tool is amazing. Nice weight to it and genius way to hold them with a brass knuckle feeling good easy to use and operate. Have already gotten great results." - Dr. Fayaz Ather

Honed from surgical-grade stainless steel, the Mallet is the ultimate in-clinic tool. Hand-polished treatment surfaces, combined with a perfectly balanced and weighted core make 

tissue scanning and treatment a breeze. Matte-finished dimples—four on each side—combined with a patented "brass knuckle" style handle enables practitioners to hold the tool six different ways. Every side is unique - both in shape and edge radius. The non-treatment faces of the Mallet are laser-etched with RockTape's awesome manifesto design.

The Mullet

"These tools are diverse and heavy enough and provide quality results without burning me out. They work well if you are in competition settings, treating multiple athletes and have enough angles and edges so that you don't have to continually swap between tools. The plastic little brother tool is also a nice touch and good for traveling." - Erik Uuksulainen

The “Mullet” in stainless steel is the same lightweight tool designed to be portable, allowing practitioners to deliver superior soft-tissue manipulation wherever their patients may be. The upgraded Mullet is now crafted from the same surgical-grade stainless steel as the Mallet, while retaining the same weight as the previous plastic version. The Mullet features four distinct edges, providing comprehensive treatment capabilities and its quirks include a functioning bottle opener. The non-treatment faces of the Mullet are laser engraved with RockTape's awesome manifesto design.

RockRub & Sanitizing Wipes

In addition to the two tools, every set of RockBlades includes a newly reformulated RockRub emollient and a pack of sanitizing wipes. Additional rub and wipes will be available in a “reload” kit shortly after the launch of RockBlades. This new RockRub is formulated from Canola Oil, Beeswax, and Vitamin E - it's fragrance free. Sanitizing wipes are alcohol-based and specially formulated to leave RockBlades streak-free.

Kit and Tool Specs

Mallet: 450g/ 1lbs - 185mm x 115mm x 8.5mm/ 7.2"x4.5"x0.33"
Mullet: 187g/ 0.4lbs - 150mm x 112mm x 8.8mm/ 5.9"x4.4"x0.34"
Kit: 1.5kg/ 3.4lbs

FMT Blades Education

Our new FMT education course - FMT Blades™ - details a radically new method for treating patients with IASTM tools. Learn more about FMT Blades here. RockTape’s FMT Blades courses include 8-hours of continuing education credits in most states, with intensive hands-on RockBlades training

Reviews (5)


Written by John on 19th Apr 2021

Overall I have been happy with the blades. I am an LMT who utilizes cups, scrapers, etc. These are def big but can still be used in smaller areas. I would say the only minor issue is they are quite big and scary looking but I am still happy with the purchase and use them. I also did the iastm course. The bigger blade has been great for limb work, especially arms and legs.

Great IASTM tools

Written by Geisinger on 29th Oct 2018

Very happy with the purchase. Definitely pricey, but worth it. Rock Blades course was also well done. Excellent tool for the tool box!


Written by Jared Gibb on 7th Jun 2018

The blades arrived on time and as described. The are light weight and versatile. I haven't been using them long, but so far I am very satisfied and my clients are happy with our results.


Written by Anli Llego on 20th May 2018

I have all three tools, the Mallet, the Mullet and the Mohawk and its extensions. Although the Mallet is a trifle heavy for me, it rocks like the rest of the tools. They help greatly in my practice as massage therapist and all my clients love having them used during sessions.

Blades 2.0

Written by Justin Feldman on 25th Feb 2018

Love them! Long time user of IASTM tools and these are great, feel good in your hand and patients love the way they feel. The entire kit is great for going to events or games, easy to store and grab quickly

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