RockBlades - Mohawk - Attachment-Compatible IASTM System

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Welcome to the second IASTM revolution. RockBlades® Mohawk ushers in a new era of IASTM capabilities, never before seen in the industry.

A complete, turnkey system featuring 3 tools in one, Mohawk enables you to treat a wide range of pain*, mobility and neurological issues with one precision-crafted stainless steel tool and two unique, patent-pending attachments.

The Mohawk

Say hello to your new IASTM all-star, Mohawk. Perfectly sized and weighted, with an expertly-crafted shape featuring exclusive compatability with our silicone sleeve and ABS/Polycarbonate comb to enable thousands of new treatment possibilities.

Hand polished treatment surfaces, combined with a perfectly balanced and weighted core make it a joy to use day in and day out.

Matte-finished dimples, four on each side, ensure positive traction of the tool during treatment. Each side and treatment edge is unique – both in shape and radius.

The Mohawk’s non-treatment faces are laser-engraved with RockTape’s manifesto pattern.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Surgical Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 200g
  • Dimensions: 6in x 4in x 0.25in
  • Treatment Surfaces: 8

The Silicone Sleeve

One of the incredible attachments included in every Mohawk Kit, crafted from surgical grade silicone with a unique finish designed to grip the skin’s surface quickly and easily.

Moulded in red silicone, you can use this attachment to grip the skin’s surface, creating a shearing effect between the skin and tissue beneath.

This stunningly simple (and patent-pending) innovation allows for novel treatment of nerve glide and neuropathy issues, all while reducing exertion and chance of injury for a practitioner.

The silicone sleeve is exclusively compatible with the RockBlades® Mohawk IASTM system.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Surgical Grade Silicone
  • Finish: Designed for superior tissue grip
  • Compatibility/Fit: Mohawk Stainless Steel Tool

The Comb

We’ve taken the concept of dry brushing into the 21st century with our patent-pending comb attachment, available exclusively with Mohawk.

Our polycarbonate-ABS black comb is designed to glide lightly over the skin for neurological stimulation. The Mohawk’s comb can be used to reduce localized pain*, improve kinesthetic awareness and proprioception of the body, and facilitate lymphatic fluid flow and drainage.

It’s designed to snap easily on and off our stainless steel Mohawk tool, with precision-moulded comb edges that stimulate the nervous system without damaging the skin (or being uncomfortable.)

The comb is exclusively compatible with the RockBlades® Mohawk IASTM system.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: ABS/Polycarbonate blend
  • Design: Comb edges rounded and finished for skin stimulation.
  • Compatibility/Fit: Mohawk Stainless Steel Tool

Reviews (22)


Written by Kimberly Turner on 18th Jun 2021

Great tool, easy to vary area of concentration with ease of hand holds.


Written by mark s walker on 10th Apr 2021


The Real Deal

Written by Matt Klingler on 30th Nov 2020

First off, I have a really nice and expensive "long bar" tool at my work, so tried to order a knock-off from an online distributor. To our dismay, when the tool arrived, it literally only had one usable edge, the rest were square or block shaped making it impossible to multi-purpose. As I looked through other knock-off shapes, I was noticing the same issues. I have always been interested in trying the IASTM tools that RockTape offers. We decided to start with the reasonably priced Mohawk tool. It arrived in a sleek carry case and the tool itself far exceeded our expectations! The quality is even much better than the expensive "long bar" shaped tool at my work. The Mohawk is light but feels incredibly sturdy and stable. I feel like I have complete control while working tissue. Every single edge is usable, which for me is a big deal because as I am working a tissue, I am now able to change edges or focal points seamlessly. Best of all, tissue feels definitively more pliable after using the Mohawk. PROS: + every edge and focal point is usable + light weight, sturdy, stable + highly maneuverable and "responsive" + the "comb" and "silicone" attachments offer variability + professional carry case + exceptionally high quality "starter" or "budget" tool CONS: - the attachments are tedious to put on and take off, I am definitely nervous about snapping the comb or ripping the silicone. Although annoying, this is not enough to remove a full star. This product is truly exceptional in quality and functionality! YES, I would recommend this product and the other IASTM tools by RockTape. Thank You! -Matt Klingler

Amazing product

Written by Cameron Sutherland DC on 18th May 2020

Amazing IASTM product and the edges are on point to fit all MSK issues, to get response with tissues takes about 1/3 of time of most tools you'd find online, with the attachments too, definitely see a difference in performance of athletes after, specifically the red one. Must have in office for all MSK issues

Good tool to save your hands

Written by Adi Spitz on 14th Aug 2019

It really is easy to feel restrictions and get good pressure through it, a but difficult to use around larger muscles though.

love this tool

Written by Amanda on 13th Feb 2019

I've had this tool for a couple months, use it almost daily, and carry it home daily in case myself or my husband need it! It's that useful! I work in general outpatient physical therapy, mostly middle-age to elderly clients with very few sports. I chose this tool as opposed to the Mullet or Mallet, which I feared would look quite aggressive to most of my clientele. After reading reviews I chose the Mohawk and am so glad I did! It is a very versatile tool, I love that there is different beveling on one side. The carry case is very convenient, although bulky, so I slipped mine into a soft sunglasses bag for daily carrying. Great tool, easy to hold on to, great feedback and am getting wonderful results with it!

Rock blades

Written by Joel Sperling DC on 14th Dec 2018

I am very happy with my rock blades. They feel very comfortable in my hand. I don’t really know what I’m doing yet but that never stopped me before. I am experimenting and finding some great stuff. Next year I’ll take the coursework as soon as I have time.


Written by Michael Charron on 6th Dec 2018

Great tool!

Mohawk tool

Written by Gordon Clark on 2nd Nov 2018

I have not had a lot of time using the tool but it is the best fit and feel tool I have used

Mowhawk tool

Written by Eric Ford on 28th Sep 2018

I’m a massage therapist for an NHL team, and we use these tools quite often when the situation calls for it. I love this iastm tool. Good edges, comfortable grip and easy to clean. Thanks Roctape for another quality product!

Woah! MoHawk for the win!

Written by Angel Overbey on 16th Jul 2018

I purchased the Mohawk RockBlade set to compliment my Mullet set. The Mohawk is great because I’m able to stash in my lotion holster (I’m a LMT) while I’m working on clients and the new sleeves are great. The carrying case is awesome as well, it holds everything!

Mohawk Review

Written by Steven Zellers on 24th Apr 2018

This is a very versatile tool. I haven't found a part of the body it doesn't work on yet. The weight is good, but not too heavy. If you only want to buy one tool, or are looking for something to get started with IASTM, this is the tool.

Review of Mohawk

Written by Brittany Nelson on 16th Apr 2018

I really like this product but after seeing instructors tools it would be really nice if all the tools had the laser etching in the thumb grips to hold onto better! otherwise, I love this tool and all the others. thanks.


Written by Cameron Gholampour on 22nd Feb 2018

Awesome piece of equipment

Mohawk Tool

Written by C Holmes on 22nd Jan 2018

I am certified in another brand of tool and was looking for an alternative that didn't require an annual fee to remain certified. I have tried numerous tools until I tried the Mohawk. It takes the place of three of the other brand's tools with the same (if not better) outcomes. It fits well in my hand and it is easy to change to different parts of the tool to accommodate larger areas such as the thigh or back and smaller, more confined areas like the wrist/hand or the base of the neck. I highly recommend the Mohawk!

Mohawk blades

Written by Aruna. R on 24th Dec 2017

I love the silicone attachement to surgical stainless steel. I like the feel and weight of the Mohawk blade by itself made in Surgical stainless steel.

What a great Tool!!!

Written by Linnea Person DC on 21st Dec 2017

I have been using the Mohawk for about a month, and what a huge change in some patients with chronic areas !! The most dramatic was a patient who’d driven 12 hr that day and had stopped to see me. I only worked on an old r pulled sore hamstring muscle that has bothered him if he drives even a few miles . Two days later he was beaming ( this is not your usual overly emotional guy) about how the blade had improved his pain. I checked it and only the lower 1/4 of the hamstrings needed a bit more work!! Happy happy!!

Rockblade Mohawk

Written by Ross Dexter MS MKin ATS LAT CSCS on 26th Nov 2017

I have been trained in IASTM and have used a variety of instruments. Bang for your buck, the Mohawk is the most user-friendly and effective single instrument on the market. The ergonomics, edge profile, and diverse treatment surface size and contours make this the perfect single instrument for almost all your IASTM needs. It is more easily cared for and cleaned than some other very high-quality instruments and the grip contours make transitioning from treatment surface to treatment surface smooth. Augmenting pressure and adding in active and passive movement to your IASTM treatments are also more effective and more easily accomplished with this instrument. I would highly recommend the Rockblade Mohawk.


Written by Travis Dillon on 16th Nov 2017

Great product! Have been using rock tape for years, and this is a great product. Love the size of the Mohawk and the easy ability to grip and hold it.

Rock blades and Mohawk

Written by Jeremy Sartain on 13th Nov 2017

Nice introductory tool. Great for the home athlete. From a clinical usage standpoint I find both the Mohawk and the Blade to be dull, even on the sharp side. I do like the silicone grip for the Mohawk for deep myofascial drag. The plastic neural Mohawk attachment is useless in my opinion. Again, great tool for personal use and I have recommended it to clients for such use.


Written by jimc on 14th Oct 2017

well balanced tool

Great product

Written by Michael grossman on 5th Oct 2017

I am a big fan of the Mohawk IASTM tool! It is very versatile and can get to places that the other 2 Rockblade tools can not. I find it is my go to tool now for the majority of areas that I treat and I would highly recommend it to anyone who does IASTM frequently. Thanks Rocktape for releasing another great product!

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