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Talons are engineered to safeguard your hands from the most brutal workouts. From handlebars to barbells, Talons reduce direct friction to protect your hands from tears and blisters. They’re touch-screen friendly, with a seamless palm design that won’t fail you during a WOD. Best of all, our unique palm material is designed to work with chalk – aiding your grip even more.


Our synthetic palm material loves gym chalk – continue to use it as normal, and don’t worry about barbells and rigs caked in the stuff. It’ll make your Talons better.

Sweat Wipe & Silicone Beads

Sweaty during a workout? A microfiber patch on the thumb lets you make quick work of a sweaty forehead. Silicone beading on the palm keeps you on the rings for muscle-ups.

Touch Screen Friendly

We get it. You gotta get that photo on Instagram, start your WOD timer, or take a selfie during a workout. We’ve got you covered – no need to take off your Talons.


Touch Screen friendly
Seamless palm construction
“False-grip” silicon ribs to help with Muscle Ups
Hook grip thumb protection
Sweat wipe
Vented finger side walls
Para-cord pull strap
Works with Chalk

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Tim Swisher - "I used them at the Texas Spartan Beast (13 miles), which was a complete mess after flooding and torrential downpours. They performed quite well in those conditions. Didn't hold water, good  grip and comfortable. I've had gloves that only last 2 races and were destroyed, the durability of the Talons are great."

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Reviews (15)

Only RockTape

Written by Jd on 22nd May 2022

Buying 2nd pair. Fav full length gloves for lifting.

Very helpful

Written by temisa on 21st Sep 2020

I feel confortable and confident. I like use them mostly to do kettlebell swing.

My Purchase

Written by Angel on 11th Jul 2020

Great buy and very satisfied with the product.

Excellent gloves

Written by StepheN on 21st Mar 2020

These are the third pair of Talons I’ve purchased. The first pair I completely wore out and I lost the second pair. If I don’t lose these, I’m sure I’ll wear them till they fall off my hands.

Talon gloves -- really enjoying them

Written by Mark A Price on 14th Aug 2018

Excellent, durable, light weight crossfit gloves. Only issue is that I got a blister on my thumb the first time I used them for weight lifting. They size small, I ended up with an XL and my hands are only average size. Would definitely recommend them.

SUperior gloves

Written by Mike on 22nd Jun 2018

Superior gloves for big lifts, bar work and ninja training. While no glove can completely protect from tears, these are the most durable and effective i’ve found..


Written by Doug S. on 26th Mar 2018

Very durable, thicker than they feel, stitching is not an annoyance like some gloves, they stay snug even when sweating or if it's raining. I am very pleased !!

Great Gloves

Written by C. K. Grim on 7th Jul 2017

As of writing this, these are without a doubt the best gloves I've ever used. They fit snug and feel like a second layer of skin. They also provide a pretty good amount of ventilation so my hands aren't soaking wet by the end of a workout. Best of all, they help cut down on calluses forming while not being too protective so as to cause you to lose that natural grip when lifting. Would definitely recommend.

Great product for those with SMALL Hands

Written by Jerry on 10th Apr 2017

These gloves are very well-made and a quality product. I only wish that they made them in males sizes - the XL gloves that I bought only seem to fit snugly on my (normal) male hands. I did inquire to ROCKTAPE when I returned the LARGE gloves in exchange for the X-LARGE gloves if they had accidentally sent me a pair of female gloves but they told me that they only had one sizing. I have found this issue to be a problem with shirts made in china but this was the first time I have encountered it in gloves made in the USA.

Runs Small!

Written by Michael Vissers on 3rd Mar 2017

Love the look of these gloves, appear well made. . .however, my hands measure 9" which should be between a large (9" to 10"). However, I can barely squeeze my hand into them and when I do, the knuckle creases are at the wrong position. . .very painful to bend my thumb. Will probably try an XL, but wish I would have ordered an XL . . . especially would have helped today on 17.2

The all-around hand protection

Written by Becky on 14th Jan 2017

I've tried just about every other type and brand of hand protection available and these are BY FAR the best. I CrossFit/weightlift 4-5x week and I've only had 1 tear in the last 6 months I've been using these and that was my own fault (I got lazy about callus maintenance). I use these for everything: TTB, pull ups, ring rows, KBS, weightlifting. The design is well thought-out. These gloves are well-ventilated so your palms don't get sweaty, the terry cloth "sweat wipe" area is a great addition, they are easy to get on and off, and they break in quickly. They are thin enough not to bunch up and get in the way but tough enough to last through weekly washings and almost daily abuse. For high rep bar work, I would recommend a *light* chalking before putting them on and then chalking the gloves themselves. They are pricey but WORTH IT. Like I said, I've been using and abusing these for six months and only now are they showing signs of wear (small holes in some of the fingers). I bought a second pair for when these bite the dust but I have a feeling it might be awhile yet!

Great Work Glove

Written by Stephanie Huntsman on 1st Jan 2017

Although I prefer to lift bare-handed, I did give these a go, and if you're looking for a lifting glove these are wonderful. I volunteer on build crew for about a dozen obstacle course races per year, and these have been my go-to glove for those shifts. They function beautifully as protection in the working environment, and their design as a lifting/OCR glove lends itself well to testing out obstacles. I'm still going strong with my first pair over a year later.

Good overall but lasted only a month

Written by Henry on 5th Jul 2016

I bought my first pair and they worked great for only a month. After that they tore on the top seam and finger seams. Needs better stitch work but the actually performance of the gloves were good.

Not durable for high reps over time.

Written by Nick on 24th Jun 2016

I gave these gloves a good fair shot, and even after they were replaced under warranty twice, the third pair still ripped after bar and ring work, even with plenty of chalk. I would give Rocktape's warranty 5 stars, but the product is subpar. This inconsistent though as I use their other products (knee caps, rockguards arms and shins, wrist wraps, etc.) and I love the quality and durability. These gloves are just a miss for me.

Very Comfortable

Written by undefined on 25th May 2016

These Talons are awesome, Great fit and helped a lot with my Grip. I definitely recommend you give them a try.