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The RockWaveTM Pro is the world's first in-clinic power tool designed for human bodywork.

This innovative targeted massage device administers a safe, non-noxious stimulus to the body via the skin and surrounding tissues, with four adjustable speeds. Every set of RockWave Pro comes with a variety of treatment heads - two soft and three rigid - allowing for a more comfortable and targeted treatment experience. Use the RockWave Pro to improve range of motion, enhance warmups and speed up recovery.

Reviews (2)

ROCKwave Pro

Written by bryan lockley on 18th Jul 2022

Great Device, very gentle and powerful. A more conspicuous note needs to be added about charging 100 min before first use. Less aggravation of painful areas with this orbital buffer style head. Highly Recommend, very versatile. Heres a video review as well.

Rock Wave Pro

Written by David West on 18th Jul 2022

I've been really happy with this device, high speed vibration has really been helpful for a lot of patients. It's nice to have the portability of being wireless as well as not as noisy as some of the competitors. I think the price point is right on!

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