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RockRub is a combination massage balm, IASTM emollient, and skin repair balm. 
This balm is all natural—made with beeswax, vitamin E, and canola. RockRub repairs calluses and scar tissue, makes an outstanding moisturizer, and a great lubricant for myofascial release work. RockRub comes in either a 50 or 400 gram tub.


  • Beeswax - Yup, the bees that made this wax are from Down Under
  • Canola Oil - A natural oil derived from rapeseed and low in erucic acid
  • Vitamin E - A powerful healing agent to repair your skin while you sleep

Reviews (10)

Rock Rub Unscented

Written by Kimberly Turner on 18th Jun 2021

The consistency is good but I'm not liking the smell of the unscented version. Unforturnately I bought the large amount.


Written by Ray Gaskey on 21st May 2021

Very effective (and well-priced)emollient without being to greasy. I favor it over the competitors.


Written by MARY KATHLEEN KERN on 30th Jan 2021

this rub is great! A little bit goes such a long way making the IASTM tool to work its magic. It also provides a great medium for massage as well.

too thin/oily

Written by nicole on 15th Jun 2018

Recently ran out of the 50g Rock Rub, a consistency that seemed good. Re-ordered a 400g container. This container's product seems to be very thin/oily. Quite runny/messy on a patient.


Written by Jedediah moore on 20th Dec 2017

Good stuff! Great Black Friday deal at 50% off!

Rock Rub

Written by Bill Ito on 27th Oct 2017

Great Product!! Use it all the time in my clinical setting!!!

A must have for soft tissue work!

Written by Christopher Aquino on 27th Jan 2017

As a Bodyworker with training in numerous techniques, it's difficult to find a product that can be used for most if not all modalities. RockRub has solved that problem for me. I work on all different types of patients with soft tissue injuries/restrictions in office at at events. RockRub is very versatile in that it works great for deep work or as an emollient for IASTM. It has replaced my other cream for deep work because a little certainly goes a long way! This product is by no means unscented, it does have a scent but nothing that my patients have ever mentioned bothering them. Yes it may stain, but you can treat stains with a stain remover product or cover areas of clothing with a towel and wipe the skin after treatment. I don't have any issues with clumping per the complaint of a previous reviewer. It just needs a little warmth and it spreads easy. If you plan to tape after using RockRub you can simply wipe the skin with the RockTape wipes. If you use too much RockRub then yes you'll need to use more wipes, but again you don't need to use a lot of it. Whether you are a PT, DC, MT, or anyone who needs a product to manipulate tissue at an amazing price RockRub is for you! Get it! NOW! :)

I have had some negative experience with this.

Written by Jeffrey Black on 10th Jan 2017

I have 3 complaints: Number 1: RockRub can be challenging to scrub off prior to taping. This can be very problematic to taping prior to treatment. The tape will not stick to treatment areas unless I scrub hardcore on the treatment sites (and RockWipes aren't helpful unless I use a whole pack). I think the RockSauce is a better option for this reason alone. The smell of RockSauce can make the whole clinic smell intense after 2-3 patients, but it does work better. Number 2: I have a clumping problem with the RockRub. It does not spread easily. I am storing it at the correct temperature. I do not recall my first container being this clumpy. It just doesn't seem to want to spread. Now it could be that I just ordered a couple containers that were older maybe, I dunno.... Finally, Number 3: The canola oil in the RockRub will stain clothing of patients and practitioners. Kind of annoying, but I would imagine most products with any oil would do this. Again, this is why I would support RockSauce over the RockRub. My advice: side step the RockRub and use RockSauce. (I just wish they made a hybrid of RockRub and RockSauce). Something with the consistency of RockSauce, but odorless (and non-mentholated) like RockRub.

Rockrub is the best!

Written by undefined on 19th Nov 2016

Love it. It goes a long way and doesn't leave a greasy mess

Perfect partner to the Rock Blade!

Written by Sheryl Wolowice on 9th Oct 2016

Works perfectly with the Rock Blade for decreasing drag while allowing great soft tissue mobility!

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