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RockBand Flex - One band for mobility, flexibility and strength

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Forget latex and rubber. RockBand Flex is your all-in-one rehabilitation, stretch and mobility solution.

Available in three resistances, RockBand Flex unlocks a universe of movement improvement and is designed to be washable, portable and infinitely reusable. Made from a proprietary cotton-nylon blend, with 6-inch loops spaced equally on each half of the band, Flex allows you to use one tool to rehabilitate injuries, improve mobility and increase strength.

What can you use RockBand Flex for?

  • Mobility and Flexibility
    Improve your flexibility with RockBand Flex’s uniquely positioned loops that allow you to progressively increase your range of motion, stretch muscles and distract joints.
  • Rehabilitation
    Don’t let post-injury rehab be a chore. With RockBand Flex, a world of exercises to retrain movement patterns and build strength are accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Performance & Strength
    With three resistance levels, RockBand Flex allows athletes of any fitness level to build muscle and improve athletic performance.

What makes RockBand Flex better?

  • Latex Free!
  • Proprietary cotton/nylon blend is more "body friendly" - doesn’t get caught as easily on skin and hair
  • Extremely durable - won’t snap or tear as easily as latex
  • Unique numbered resistance loop system offers a variety of resistance levels with a single band
  • Machine washable (hang dry)

Resistance Weight

  • Light - (12-18 Lb)
Light: perfect for stretching and rehab exercises, and especially for patients starting rehab exercises, or for children or elderly patients
Medium: not too light and not too heavy; just right for most people! Use for yoga, rehab, stretching and more.
Heavy: perfect for resistance training and stretching

Every RockBand Flex includes a detailed instructional booklet with exercises and movements to use with your new Flex. 

Reviews (10)


Written by Michael Goldfield on 12th Dec 2020

I have been using various forms of exercise bands for decades, either independently, attached to a rope wall, or as aids for doing various exercises on gymnastic rings. The bands we have used range from 15-80 pounds, the thicker bands aiding people who do not yet have the strength to do pushups, pullups, or dips on the rings. I like the design of the Rocktape bands. They are quite long and have various places to grip to make them shorter. The main problem I find is that the light and medium bands are too weak, even compared to our thinnest 15 pound bands. They have to be used in conjunction with other bands to be useful, which is awkward. So, there need to be some stronger bands above the "heavy" ones.

Heavy band

Written by Lauranne Lee on 11th May 2020

Excellent quality and easy to use. Just the right resistance too.


Written by Les Peterson on 28th Apr 2020

I would love this product, but why has Rock Tape not put a better priced package of the three sizes together as an alternative to separate buys only?


Written by arthur on 3rd Mar 2019

Great product, preforms better then expected. love the looping system for ease of anchoring.

RockBand medium

Written by SAK on 25th Jan 2019

This is a great tool to use when trying to stretch on your own, easy to use and it stays in place well.

Rocktape flex

Written by Stevens florez on 8th Dec 2018

I bought a medium and a heavy. Great idea with the loop system, however I do think the range is limited. I’ve tried prepping joint with it, stretching, and working out with it. Sometimes I do feel like a band would work better with full range movements, but the flex can have its uses.

Flex BAnds

Written by Cameron Gholampour on 5th Nov 2018

Great product and idea. Very helpful for my client trying to rehab his shoulder, but is allergic to every other band material

Flex BAnds

Written by Cameron Gholampour on 5th Nov 2018

Great product and idea. Very helpful for my client trying to rehab his shoulder, but is allergic to every other band material

Rock Bands

Written by Connie on 27th Sep 2018

My students love to use the bands. Men especially love this product because it doesn't pull off their hair like Therabands tend to do. The bands work great in an exercise setting and are very versatile for strength, conditioning and rehab based exercise.

RockBand flex

Written by Tyson Kymes on 23rd Aug 2018

I like the loop choices for different strengthening and stretching activities.

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