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The TriggerPoint STK GRIP Handheld Massage Roller features an AcuGRIP® surface and ergonomic handles to increase flexibility and help improve movement when rolled across muscles. Use the STK GRIP on upper and lower body including back, calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, IT band and foot to improve mobility.



• The STK GRIP is a lightweight handheld roller designed to improve movement, increase blood and oxygen circulation to muscles and accelerate recovery
• Apply user-controlled pressure to reduce muscle soreness and increase circulation for quick muscle recovery after a workout
• Slim, ergonomic handles make it easy apply pressure to hard to reach muscle knots; AcuGRIP surface grips skin while rolling for a smooth massage
• Use while standing or seated to massage lower and upper body muscle groups, including calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and back
• Measures 18 inches x 2 inches and weighs 1 pound making it compact and travel-friendly; backed by one-year limited warranty

Reviews (1)

the best mfr stick

Written by cORBIN tOLEN on 23rd May 2020

This stick is a great all around stick very straightforward design with a nice tacky surface for hooking onto the skin if you wish. I use this on the bottom of my feet as it has great contact and can be used anywhere for normal rolling as well. The countour stick is better as a roller for light duty rolling but it can't do the MFR feature like this stick can so both have their place that a ground foam roller does not. The Grid stick however doesn't compare to these two sticks, nor a ground foam roller, it tries to hard to be a ground foam roller when it is not.

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