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Wrist wraps are intensely personal – everyone has a favorite design. We think we’ve nailed the perfect wrap. RockWrists are supportive enough to help with your PR, yet minimal enough that you forget they're there during a WOD. The polyester fabric provides 10% stretch and secures with hook and loop.

Competition Grade

We don’t mess around with the construction of these wrist wraps. Strings won’t break – elastic won’t become brittle. A small 10% stretch keeps them secure and comfortable.

Wrists Need Support

We’re not saying your wrists are weak – far from it. But they do require extra support during heavy lifts – especially overhead – and wrists injury can stop your training cold.

One Size Fits Most

Length - 22"
Width - 2.5"


Reviews (19)

Best fitness wrist wraps

Written by Michael A Pietrzak on 3rd Mar 2023

I have multiple sets of these wrist wraps. Not sure why no one has ever copied the design. Sooooooo much better than the traditional CF style where you need to use the string to cinch them down. Sadly I think they've discontinued these so I may need to pick up another pain.

wrist wraps

Written by jamey on 18th Jan 2020

these things are great, supportive without any digging in.

5 Stars

Written by RYles on 19th Sep 2018

Best pair of wrist wraps I’ve ever owned. Strong enough to be supportive but really, really comfortable. Having cloth wraps that use Velcro is really convenient. 10/10 would buy again.

Great wraps!

Written by Mike Bitney on 1st Jan 2018

Luv my wrist wraps! Just the right combination of support and flexibility. Easy & quick on and off. Less bulky than Villian wraps too. Highly recommend them. Likely to buy another pair.

Great Quality

Written by Louis on 31st Aug 2017

Ordered the wrist wraps because I was looking for a low profile wrist wrap that wasn't as bulky as my other ones but still provides the support I need. Rock tape nailed this product. I've used these wrist wraps in a few WODs now and I am very happy. Great Product!!!

Great product

Written by Jenna on 28th Apr 2017

Nothing but good things to say!

Save your wrists!

Written by Dr. Jesse R Pasag on 10th Apr 2017

Just started crossfit ~3 months ago. Cleans, front squats and push presses were killing my wrists. Started using wrist wraps - feel awesome. I feel like I can better concentrate on technique of the lift and not so much on pain in my wrists.

actually found a better product in Dick's

Written by Jonny Fritz on 6th Apr 2017

Harbinger wrist wraps half the price $11.70 for 2 not that I will not use the ones I bought from you but half the price ???????


Written by undefined on 31st Mar 2017

The first wraps I've used that don't move around on me while exercising. And, they feel super comfortable.

Perfect for my Hypermobility!

Written by Stephanie Huntsman on 1st Jan 2017

After trying out numerous wrist wraps, I fell in love with my RockWrists. I loved a pair of the cloth wraps I tried, but they took too long to set up, and these offer me the same feel and stability while taking a fraction of the time to put on. Quality Product RockTape!!

Great wrist wraps

Written by Dr. Thomas Ormsby on 28th Oct 2016

Best wrap for supporting the wrist during any lift. Ties the wrist firmly into the forearm muscalture for a better support mechanism than the usual compression wraps of the past.

Great wraps

Written by Carlos Dorado on 7th Oct 2016

they feel very light, but the are very strong and they last long

Power lifting with mobility

Written by undefined on 2nd Sep 2016

These wraps have the strength of power lifter weaps but flew like cloth wraps. My new favorite wrap

Great Wrist Suport!

Written by Tammy on 25th Feb 2016

I love how these wrap up and are super easy to use by yourself. They have a great design and cute prints available. Thanks so much for making a great product!! #AmericaPride

Love these things!

Written by James Elza on 5th Nov 2015

I've had wrist stability issues recently and these wraps have helped a lot. Thanks rock tape!

All wrapped up and ready to lift!

Written by Chris on 24th Aug 2015

Wasn't sure how these would be so I thought I would give them a try. Tried them out the next day and they were awesome. The loop makes putting them on super fast and the material is actually comfortable and not scratchy. Adjustments are quick if you need to tighten or loosen. I would have to say the most comfortable wrist wraps I have ever worn!

secure and awesome

Written by karlie on 24th Jan 2015

LOVE the band to secure the wrap in place. Super easy to tighten and loosen throughout a workout as needed. Go America :)

perfect mix

Written by brian on 15th Dec 2014

I really like the hybrid wraps. Fits my wrist perfectly and seem like they will be great support. Not quite a tourniquet like strength wraps and not quite as flexible as elastic wraps. I can't wait to get overhead with them!!

the perfect blend of wrist wrap

Written by Joe on 9th Dec 2014

Used these for the first time during tonight's WOD. These wraps blend the convenience and fine-adjustability of cloth wraps, without the 5 minute hassle of putting cloth wraps on. Lighter, more stretchy material than I was expecting. Very happy with these. Ive always found the larger Velcro style wraps too bulky...these are truly the perfect size, with just the right amount of support & mobility.

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