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Power Strips come in pre-cut .5m length, perfect for your gym bag.  

The RockTape PowerStrip Sample features:

  • Stickier, hypoallergenic adhesive that won't fall off during competition
  • 180% stretch, the same elasticity as skin, to promote full range of motion
  • 97% cotton, 3% Nylon 6/12, low moisture absorption
  • Tighter weave, which enables muscle to more easily snap back to neutral
  • Water resistant
  • Wearable for up to 5 days

Reviews (27)


Written by Aurimar Barboza on 4th May 2021

Excellent sample to my customers

RockTape strips

Written by kathleen on 26th Mar 2018

I can't begin to tell you how RockTape has saved my training. They're easy to use with lots of helpful how-to videos for every different kind of application on their website. Thanks to RockTape I can run again!


Written by Corey Johns on 6th Nov 2017

Awesome Product!!!!!!

It works for my wrist

Written by Krystal on 16th Sep 2017

Worked wonders for my wrist after injuring it lifting my daughter. I haven't been able to use it on my knee or back yet but I will! The samples are more than enough to get a good trial run for them! My boyfriend has NF, which are tumors under or above the skin ...along with other conditions. He has tumors on his nerves under his skin, he said it felt like tape. I think If he had a chance to try out a different one, he would love it as I do for my wrist! Definitely worth the try and worth the money for full product.


Written by Teri on 14th Aug 2017

Got samples and they are amazing.Have given samples out and have been given positive feedback.Completely satisfied,so far.


Written by Monica Carrington on 20th Feb 2017

I was pleased with the product my husband and i both!!i suffer from damaged discs in my back and fibromyalgia that affects my neck and shoulders and the rock tape and the cream helped tremendously.my husband had a knee replacement and has had complications since it was done associated with it being filled with fluid and lots of pain and it made it just a bit less painful for him after using the tape it was able to take a bit of pressure off for him and i wanna thank you for the opportunity to try your products i will be recommending them to people i associate with whenever i can!!!

rock tape the best

Written by kathy on 9th Feb 2017

first time using the rock tape thank you so much for the sample . my physical therapy showed me how to use it . and its the best ever I have already ordered some more. I didn't think something that looked like a piece of tape could work but it does and I love it had knee surgery and this takes a lot of the pain away and makes it easier to move . thank you so muck again kathy from massachusetts

Fast Shipment for Great Product

Written by Coryn on 21st Jan 2017

My shipment of RockTape strips arrived 48 hours after my order was placed. Each came with colored step-by-step instructions, so I was able to give one to my sister! Cutting it to the size I needed was easy and it stayed on through a WerQ and a HIIT workout so far... soo good!

It held on the whole game.

Written by undefined on 8th Jan 2017

Loved it. My other tape kept peeling off. I am going to order more!


Written by undefined on 26th Dec 2016

I was so excited I was able to actually pull a 14 lb turkey our of the oven on Christmas. I have not been able to do that in 8 years after 10 right shoulder rotator cuff curgeries! I LOVE IT!!!

Finally, relief!

Written by undefined on 26th Oct 2016

Strips of Rock Tape were applied to a 96 year old woman who is confined to a wheelchair. The metatarsal bone was giving here constant pain due to her foot's position on the footrest. Immediately after taping her foot, she experienced relief and has experienced relief for the past 3 weeks. Thank you! So glad we found out about your product.

Just gotta try it

Written by Doug Christensen on 5th Jul 2016

I received some samples for my chiropractic practice, InBody Chiropractic, and tried it on a patient and also on myself. It went through biking, bathing, gardening and lasted an entire week without peeling. Plus now I have a great new funny tan on my knee.

It works great

Written by M. Cruz on 30th May 2016

This product lasts a long time. Very adhesive. Surprised at how quickly it alleviated the pain. You can use this for any sport.

rock tape

Written by undefined on 16th May 2016

This is a great tape! I found that the rock tape brand of kinesio tape tends to last longer and is more supportive

Awesome purchase

Written by undefined on 15th Apr 2016

Great product! RockTape definitely does what it says.

Awesome Tape!!!!

Written by Mike on 1st Apr 2016

I have used other tapes in the past and have peeled off. Rock Tape is Awesome!!! My family and I love it. I use it for my lower back, my son uses it for his leg, and the wife uses it for her wrist great product

A product that really sticks!!

Written by Jannine on 6th Jul 2015

After using many brands of kinesiology tape I finally found one that sticks! I use the tape on my lower back and other brands peel off when sweating or rubbing against my clothes. Not Rock Tape....stayed in place all day long on a hot July afternoon. Definitely ordering more!

great product

Written by Ashley on 12th Jun 2015

I am definitely impressed with RockTape. I have tendonitis in my right hand & I type all day for work. This stuff makes it so much easier to get through the day.....& I did it without taking any pain relievers!

great and affordable sample

Written by Stephanie on 16th Feb 2015

As a promoter of rocktape products, these power strips are amazing to introduce and sample rock-tape

Quick and Easy

Written by Chris on 19th Dec 2014

Good for quick and easy application.

Great to have when rolls may not be available, easy to pack and take anywhere.

Written by tom hyde on 8th Aug 2014

I love the strips, they are long enough for many taping jobs required and since they are flat, they pack very nicely. This allows you to take them even in your pocket, back pack, on a bike, in a kayak, canoe, motorcycle, etc.

almost perfect....

Written by Duitch Sloane on 8th Oct 2013

I ordered a roll of Rocktape after reading reviews, and then they were kind enough to send me some sample strips. I teach Aqua Zumba (which while taught from the pool deck does mean I am in and out of the water) and have an unrepairable meniscus tear and OA in one knee. I'd previously tried KT tape, in both their original, and improved versions, but even with rigorous cleaning before applying, and using a pre-tape spray, found their tape would not stay put. First time out with Rocktape, and I'm finding it MUCH more supportive, and it stays on! The only reason I'm not giving it a five star is that the extra cross piece recommended does not adhere to the tape it crosses, and lets go immediately after getting wet. But I think using a longer piece, and making sure the ends get attached to skin rather than tape may cure the problem. Thank you - I can't teach with a heavier brace on, and I don't need surgery just yet, so whatever keeps me secure and pain free is such a huge help! Immediate and helpful feedback from the company was also a very pleasant surprise.

Holding power is phenomenal

Written by undefined on 14th Aug 2013

When you apply this product, you can rest assured it will stick and provide support.


Written by Ken Franck on 15th May 2013

Im a Fastpitch softball catcher so my knees take a beating! Used rocktape and within the first 30min of wearing the tape my pain was gone!! absolutly amazing!!!


Written by Veronica Hernandez Director on 29th Apr 2013

We want to Thank Rocktape for such great tape; our students and athletes love the feel and stability this tape gives them. Thank you!

On the GO with portable RockTape

Written by IFBB Pro Jennifer Robinson on 18th Dec 2012

I enjoy the portable strips because I can toss them in my gym bag and apply if needed after my shower at the gym.

I like it !!!!!

Written by sandra on 25th Oct 2012

this tape is effective and easy to work with. I ordered a product called SKIN PREP to help with adhesion. I appreciate the professional support from the company

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