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Premium stainless steel, soft grip scissors make for a perfect tape cutting companion. 

Reviews (12)

Rocktape scissors

Written by Scott on 27th Oct 2019

Best scissor for any kinesiotape I have used, but the only one for 4 inch width rock tape. Everyone loved it so had to buy 3 more.


Written by devin weatherley on 6th Apr 2018

The scissors are nice and do the job.

LVI 2018 Rugby Tournament

Written by Michael Lovich on 12th Mar 2018

These scissors were fantastic on the field for cutting cleanly and quickly!

Rock tape

Written by Charles Hill on 1st Feb 2018

Excellent product Amazing Instructor


Written by Kaley Tallman on 15th Oct 2017

Best scissors out there to cut RockTape!

Rocktape Scissors

Written by Dustin Houser, DC on 17th Jul 2017

I should've looked at the picture better before purchasing, but I was expecting a design that specifically caters to cutting kinesiology tape. They were just plain, straight blade scissors. The blades are sharp, for now, which is nice, but the finger-holes are too small to be able to efficiently transition from cutting to application. The other chiropractor in my office uses Kinesio tape and scissors, and their scissors are much nicer than these. I will always choose RockTape over Kinesio Tape, but I wish RockTape had some scissors that were just as superior as their tape.

Need coating!

Written by Patrick Fallon on 14th Oct 2016

As with any scissors you buy new, they came sharp. Initially they begin to cut very well but as I performed more cuts the effectiveness dropped dramatically. I realize that cleaning is necessary on a regular basis to remove the adhesive, especially when using the extra sticky. My only wish is that these were coded somehow to prevent the adhesive from sticking so firmly.

Perfect Cut

Written by Amanda Brower on 13th Oct 2016

I do agree that the slots for your fingers are somewhat small. Specially when you are trying to move fast and cut and use scissors off and on. But the actually scissors cut very well. This is actually my second pair I have one for a work and one for at home now because I like how well they work for cutting through multiple layers of tape compared to other generic scissors.

Fat Fingers or Small Holes

Written by David on 22nd Aug 2016

Good quality blades and they cut tape nicely; but the holes are small for my fingers. If the holes were bigger where I could get 3-4 fingers in this would be 5 stars for sure. A small holster (or optional purchase for it) would be a benefit as I could protect the blades and my clients when the scissors are on the table and in my bag.

Very nice just way to small

Written by Brett Hinton on 18th Aug 2016

They work great, with nice clean cuts but way to small. They barely fit in my hands and I'm not a big guy. They get lost in my kit due to their size.

Great quality! Just to small.

Written by Dr. Chad Everett on 15th Aug 2016

They look and cut great, however they are way to small for my hands. Probably perfect for a small male or most female hands.

Woek fine but need larger finger hole ( At least one)

Written by undefined on 15th Aug 2016

Needs a larger ( one) finger hole.

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