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TriggerPoint’s percussion massage gun helps better prepare your body and recover faster pre- and post- workout. Percussion massage applies pulses of concentrated pressure into muscle tissue. Featuring a quiet brushless motor, the Impact delivers deep tissue massage with 4-speed settings for controllable targeted massage. This percussion massage gun increases blood flow to help relieve sore and stiff muscles to help accelerate recovery time. An angled handle with a top-weighted design provides more comfort and easily allows you to control pressure. A universal massage head is optimized for use on multiple muscle groups to hydrate muscle tissue and improve range of motion. Take the Impact on the go with its travel friendly design and rechargeable 2+ hour battery life. The Impact percussion massage gun will help you continue to move better.


  • Percussion massage gun to help increase blood flow, hydrate muscle tissue and improve range of motion pre and post-workout
  • Quiet brushless motor designed with 4-speeds for optimal massage intensity and pressure
  • Angled handle to balance weight for better grip, comfort and control
  • Rechargeable battery for 2+ hours of continuous massage
  • 4-speeds (based on user guide)  include: +/- 300 rpm
    ○ Speed 1- 2100 rpm
    ○ Speed 2- 2400 rpm
    ○ Speed 3- 2900 rpm
    ○ Speed 4- 3300 rpm
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs
  • Dimensions 7.5" x 2" x 10.3"

Reviews (13)

Impact Percussor

Written by Dr. Nick Maio on 24th May 2021

I recently bought the Impulse trigger point percussor to have as an extra tool in my clinic and because I wanted to try something new for self care. This percussor was worth the money! I have used almost daily on myself the last two weeks and use on most patients, especially in the glute region. I bought ten more to still and only have two left! There is a nice mark up and the product is high quality and effective.

trigger gun

Written by delvin apachito on 19th Apr 2021

it is great to use!

Little but big impact

Written by TJ Lee on 10th Feb 2021

Great price and product, it is more ergonomic than the others on the market. Small and mighty. The one head does more than enough.


Written by cORBIN tOLEN on 25th Dec 2020

This is a great product. a little spendy but it seems reliable. I wish this had a way to reverse it's speed rather than having to run through its entire speed sequence to adjust. Still seems great though.

Great tool

Written by Audrey Victor on 4th Nov 2020

I have been using this tool for about 8 months now. I work as an onsite athletic trainer at a papermill. Thus, this tool has had some heavy duty use. I would say that I utilize it almost every single day, and still only have to charge it about once a week or so. I will say that mine currently runs really loud and isn't quite as smooth as when I first received it. However, as I mentioned, this one has had really have use for about 8 months straight. Without my recommendation, more from having the opportunity to utilize one, many of the employees I work with onsite have ordered one for home use. They and their families love this tool.

Long battery life

Written by Jason Alston on 24th Oct 2020

I am a myopractor, working on clients all day. I’ll pull this out when I have someone who has a lot of tension in one area to quickly and comfortably soften it up. I only use it for a few minutes at a time, but it lasts the whole day without having to charge it. Plus it is weighted well to give comfortable pressure to the client without having to apply pressure. But I still do apply pressure sometimes as needed. One last note, my hand doesn’t feel like it has been vibrated numb after using it like other similar devices. Definitely recommended!

Impact Percussion gun

Written by Victoria Ross on 6th Jul 2020

Good depth of oscillation, comfortable frequency/speed and quiet. Great percussion gun to decrease muscle soreness and pain secondary to muscle tightness.

Impact percussion massage gun

Written by Jerry on 20th Mar 2020

This massage gun has been a game changer for my massage practice. With the variable speeds and balanced weight, it loosens up the tissues, a really hand saver. The weight is balance so that no addition force is needed to be effective. Clients have noticed the difference immediately and is very effective with client active movement. Though it only has one attachment, it is worth the money and is just as effective as more expensive models on the market.


Written by Roger Ortiz on 23rd Feb 2020

Omg love this machine All my clients can’t believe how efficient and quiet it is

WorTh it

Written by Ariana Valdez on 22nd Feb 2020

Works well, battery life lasts about a week for me and that is using it pre / post workout everyday. Quieter than the Theragun in my opinion. Great purchase and I’d highly recommend.

I’m in love!

Written by Sandy pollen on 13th Feb 2020

This massage gun is perfect to work out tension, warm up before activity, or help work out knots after activity! I use it for triathlon related activities but also found it is a game changer after skiing!

Awesome Tool

Written by Scot Jablonka PT, DPT on 7th Feb 2020

This percussion gun is excellent. It's well built and I love the "pistol" style handle as opposed to the cylinder design. Multiple settings are appropriate for different stimuli and the charge lasts quite a while. I used it for a 6 hour event and didn't have to recharge it the entire time. It won't last six hours, but it will hold of to the task. Don't waste excess $$$ on other guns. This is what you need. It's a great tool to add in your arsenal of treatment and recovery.

A better product once again

Written by Ross Dexter on 5th Feb 2020

The IMPACT Percussion Massage Gun is a new fan favorite in my clinic. The weight and top hand position give it a more robust feel when treating deeper and larger muscle groups and it is noticeably quieter than even the other quiet top of the line percussion massager we have. Though variability would be nice, the percussion head design, material, size, and dimensions are great. I will be getting at least one more for my clinic and one or my personal use at home. Thanks again for a great product!

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