FunPack Seminar Starter Kit

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Kit includes:

18 standard rolls (2" x 16.4') - 2 each: black, blue, pink, black logo, purple, lime and 1 each: beige, green camo, pink camo, blue argyle, pink argyle, tattoo.

 2 rolls of Mini Big Daddy (4" x 16.4') - 1 black, 1 blue

 1 RockSauce Fire + 1 RockSauce Ice


No Substitutions for Starter Kit Specials.  Contents of Kits are subject to change without notice. 

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Reviews (64)


Written by Laurie Regallis on 11th Mar 2019

I absolutely loved my class taught my Dr. Perry Nickelston! He was so knowledgeable and fun to work with! His teaching style was interactive and very informative! I will definitely recommend RockTape to all of my clients now!


Written by Alexa GArcia on 7th Jan 2019

i love the product & I received it super fast.


Written by Teresa Thormahlen on 8th Jun 2018

I loved my class and love the flossing bands.


Written by Brian Feragotti on 21st May 2018

This is the perfect selection of tape with great colors/patterns. It also works great to have a couple of the wide tapes and analgesics. I would HIGHLY recommend this package for anyone, whether your're just starting with Rock Tape or you've been using them for a while as this is a can't miss.

Funpack kit

Written by Michael A. T. Sampson on 6th Apr 2018

Comes with everything you need to get started. I enjoy having the different colors and my clients love to see different designs and have fun choosing which tape they have on. A great value having everything in one place.

FunPack Seminar Starter Kit

Written by Adel Delprado on 30th Dec 2017

The product says it all "Funpack". It sure is fun and something different than solid colors, the more variety the better. Clients and patients liked them. Will definitely order again.

Funpack starter kit

Written by Mary s. on 24th Nov 2017

Great assortment! It had everything I was looking to purchase, but sadly, no RockSauce available at that time. Will order some " new and improved" later..

rock tape

Written by Raymond popp- true care pt and rehab on 1st Sep 2017

this is a great product added to my arsenal of treatment. Rock Tape facilitates proper posture and movement allowing my patients to perform with more confidence and efficiency. I recommend Rock Tape, it's a great product!

Best Quality Tape

Written by Heidi on 12th Mar 2017

I love the Different colors and designs of the fun pack. So glad I bought the best quality tape out there.

Rocktape rocks!

Written by undefined on 12th Feb 2017

Love the colors, great product! I recommend it to all my clients.

Great Product

Written by Dr Mitchell Pernal on 19th Dec 2016

great tape with some cool new colors

Blew Me Away

Written by Roger W. Buttrick on 11th Dec 2016

Just received "Fun Pack Seminar Starter Kit" I could not believe how many items was included! I have already started taping coworkers who suffer from carpel tunnel, the starter kit will come in real handy.

love the product, would love better variety

Written by Frank Butterfield on 11th Sep 2016

Big fan of Rock Tape, but shouldn't the starter kit also include samples/rolls of RX and Water as well. And why not throw in another pair of scissors - they can't be that expensive, but when you do a lot of taping, every pair helps.

Great Start

Written by Brendan Nohsey on 21st Aug 2016

I'm very excited and very pleased to have the wide selection. This is only the first order I made with them but just placed a second. My clients love the ability to express themselves while being helped. Thank you

Amazing, instantaneous results

Written by Daniel Figueredo on 18th Aug 2016

Higly recommended. It does work. Instantaneous results. I love RockTape, I screen and assess clients movement, see dysfunction, pain... Release & stretch compensators, activate inhibitted ones, apply tape, repeat screen and assessment and it shows an improvement in movement pattern w/o pain and the rock tape can stay there for a few days, working in background. Great product

I may have a RockTape Obsession

Written by Tiffany on 2nd Apr 2016

Love it! Would like a role of X included in the package for use on more sensitive skin.

So much Fun tape

Written by Michael on 13th Mar 2016

Great offer for newly certified Rocktape Docs so they can have enough to practice and help their clients with

seminar fun kit

Written by Thomas on 19th Jan 2016

I have found that these are not sticking as well as the bulk rolls of rock tape I had purchased previously. I have not made it into all rolls but so far not as excited about this batch

Fun Pack is Fun !

Written by Scott Shields on 3rd Dec 2015

WoWWWWWW, is all I can say and worth the money spent.

Best tape

Written by undefined on 29th Nov 2015

We use rock tape at our outpatient clinic. There is such a difference in quality between Rock tape and the other kinesiology tape brand that the IP therapists started to come and "borrow" our tape. The different patterns/color of tape also makes it fun, my patients normally have a good laugh out of it. We also love the Rock sauce, I find the smell to be more pleasant than Biofreeze and the cooling effect lasts longer.

Great Fun Pack!

Written by Laurie Carrel on 9th Nov 2015

Wow, my tape came fast, is getting great reviews from everyone I have taped so far. A good solid product I can stand behind!

Love It!!!

Written by Mark on 9th Nov 2015

Love the rock tape, works better, more adhesiveness than other tapes we have used in our clinics.

Fun Pack

Written by Kimberly on 9th Oct 2015

I love all the products. I like the variety of colors and products.

Great Deal!

Written by Jeff Nelson on 8th Oct 2015

This was an outstanding deal! Only draw back was I ended up with some pretty "vanilla" colors and patterns. I was really hoping for some of the argyles, biohazard, and RockTape logo; but I guess you get what they have avialable. I would definitely order again! Also, instead of 2 bottles of Rock Sauce, maybe just one bottle and a bottle of Rock Sauce Chill. Just looking for some variety to test everything out.

Good stuff

Written by Ulla on 8th Oct 2015

The box came very fast. As I am just starting I am excited. It sticks so much better than the cheap stuff.

Awesome products, great variety of products, excellent way to get started!

Written by Rebecca Hinton on 24th Sep 2015

Love RockTape :-) Taking the class was the best thing I've ever done!

Excellent deal, missing one thing...

Written by John Hawkins on 10th Sep 2015

Don't get me wrong, this starter kit is a EXCELLENT deal for the price. I'm stoked to be able to stock up on tape at a great price. But, if I were to change one thing, I would love to have seen one or two of the other small products in the box. Like a massage ball or a band. Again, really just nitpicking. If you need a bunch of tape, this is a hell of a deal.

Excellent variety for a great price

Written by Courtney Prezioso, MPT on 24th Aug 2015

So I've ordered the starter kit before, and I'm thrilled both with the product and the courses. Tape is great, the variety is awesome (believe it or not all my prints went way before my solid colors with my patients) and you can't beat the value. Rocktape Rocks! Bigger, faster, harder, stronger, longer!

Love this tape.

Written by Elijah on 26th Jul 2015

I used this twice already and I love this tape. The patient had more control of the efected area that we use every 5 day now. I have used for myself with injury that has caused me pain for more then a year and that the doctors said may need surgery. Now I am pain free and am back to working out with better form.

Great kit right after the course

Written by Steve on 22nd Jun 2015

Orderign this kit at the course was great because I have plenty of tape to practice the applications, with enough fun patterns and colors to last for more applications throughout the year. Would highly recomend this following the FMT course. My clients also really enjoy the variety of colors and patterns to choose from.


Written by Evans Armantrading Jr. on 3rd Jun 2015

I love the variety My clients literally feel instant relief when using the rock tape. The roc sauce is fun too! They get very excited when they get to pick the color. Today we taped a client to aid in headaches and balance!

Simply amazing

Written by Ron Ross on 23rd Mar 2015

With each new client I work on and then help either balance their movement or enhance their athletic performance with the tape, I don't know who is more excited with the added results by using the RockTape. I am still in awe with how the tape works even though I understand and know all the principles behind your product. Well done with this amazing product.

Got Tape?

Written by Farrah on 14th Mar 2015

This kit is absolutely awesome and will have plenty to play around with. What I would have added to it would be the informative brochure and some more posters of applications. Definitely the waterproof tape should have been added so we could test it out. Otherwise the kit is great and at a great price.

Fun Pack from RockTape

Written by Carrie M. Wolf D.C. on 19th Feb 2015

I recently took the certification class and added RockTape services to my clinic. My patients are loving the chance to choose the tape I use for them. The bright colors make them a walking billboard and they are talking a sharing their experiences and results... Good for them and good for my practice!

Rock Tape Rocks All The Time

Written by Shawn He on 16th Feb 2015

Great tapes!

Rocktape Rocks

Written by Cynthia Card, MOMT, PT on 5th Feb 2015

The headline says it all. I've used many brands of tape in the past decade and nothing compares to Rocktape - long lasting, no skin irritation, superb results and lots of fun colors to boot.

Doing the classics plus Expeimenting!!

Written by Dr Kenneth W. Titian, D.C., L. Ac. on 14th Nov 2014

Probably done 70 or more tapings, love it all experimenting with some post shingles applications and semi quad wheel chair bound pts. Very exciting results!!

fun stuff

Written by dr.erik on 7th Nov 2014

When I first purchased the product I did have some concerns that the designs would turn some people off but so far it has been very easy to sell the different designs and I am very pleased with the product.

The RockTape arrived within a few days after ordering. The variety of patterns wa sa hit for our young athletes and patients in general.

Written by Erick Alverio on 20th Oct 2014

I am very pleased with the RockTape.

Fun Pack - quality product

Written by Erik on 29th Sep 2014

I received the Fun Pack 2-weeks after initial order was placed and it arrived today. I am thrilled of the various colors, which will enhance the taping experience for my younger athletes. The Rock Sauce is also a quality product - a little goes a long way, people! (I received only 1 of the advertised 2 window decals, as a minor negative - but I'll still rate this as a quality 5/5 purchase on savings alone.)

More than a starter kit.....

Written by Teri on 27th Sep 2014

Very pleased with the fun pack starter kit!!! I am so impressed with the quality, prints & the results I see every day using Rock Tape with patients. I feel like a total bad ass with my dog tags & Roc Doc shirt. Thanks Rock Tape :)

Longer lasting results!

Written by Dr Finbarr Mulvey on 22nd Sep 2014

I began taping as many patients as I could w/ RockTape after every adjustment: I find an injury/extremity/area of chief complaint and tape it and it provides the pt w/ support that lasts outside of the office visit...the results so far have been very positive!

Great Variety!

Written by Dr. Peter on 8th Sep 2014

The kit comes with a great variety of colors of the Rock Tape. Patients love the variety and the way they feel after applying the tape. I am glad I introduced it into my practice!

Perfect clinic start up kit

Written by Dr. Bob Ruano on 4th Sep 2014

Tried several other brands but keep coming back to Rock Tape. Adhesive is great and patients love all the different looks. It generates a lot of interest and keeps our clinic name coming up in conversation.

Fun pack full of Fun

Written by Elisa cohen on 17th Aug 2014

I love all the variety of tape in the fun pack. The rock sauce is a hit with my clients.

Variety is paramount

Written by Mitchell Kaplan,DC on 4th Aug 2014

Having to please the female and male athletes, the different pattern tapes help while promoting the product. The results have been good as well as the performance and decrease in healing times.

fantastic and fun

Written by Victoria Vinet on 27th Jul 2014

I love this tape. It stays on and works and the colors and styles are fun. I recommend Rock Tape to everyone

Review of Fun Pack

Written by Rick Villanueva on 15th Jul 2014

Loads of great Rock Tape. I have our teen population of athletes stoked about the choices of therapy tape! The "tennis mom" population as well. I find that their selection of tape helps our athletes "own" their recovery! They make choices about getting better rather than focusing on the injuries themselves.

Best tape I have ever used in 30 years of taping.

Written by Gerard A. Bertuch D.C. on 12th Jul 2014

Rocktape's ability to stand up to water, it's longer life tensil strength, lowest level of irratibility and awesome color palate that inspires the juniors to the seniors makes it a hands down winner with me and my patients. Thank you ROCKTAPE!!!!!!!!

Fun Fun Fun

Written by undefined on 19th Jun 2014

I love the mix of colors and patterns!

Definitely a fun pack

Written by undefined on 14th Jun 2014

You have unique designs and color to match whatever your needs are


Written by undefined on 11th May 2014

I have thoroughly enjoyed the FMT course I and II and must say it encouraged me to purchase this package. It works great in the fact that I am able to give my patients and athletes a chance to match tape to their personalities. And just being able to use such a great product to help their pain go away, increase perception for posture, and many other uses are a big plus. The cow print and camo seem to be the most popular and the rock sauce adds a measure of relief for them. And I must say, the flesh colored tape is not the most popular to use, so I use it for personal use when I work out. Digging the shirt I got as a courtesy for purchasing this package and can't wait to get some more use out of it as I help all those Crossfit athletes in my area perform at their best. Overall, this is a great pack to start out with and to get a handle on what style of tape patients love and to get real use in combining the Rock Sauce with the tape. Can't wait to see what new things this company with come out with. Christopher Ohsie, DC Chiropractic Physician

fun included

Written by David Rief on 28th Apr 2014

Although some colors were different still a great variety. However, flesh color.... Not the most fun of colors! Thank you and I look forward to future business with this company! Very Respectfully, David Rief

energetic fun tape

Written by karrie johnson on 17th Apr 2014

All of Rocktape products seem to do well and last through sweat and functional exercises. Reduces inflammation, improves proprioception, creates mobility with less dysfunction and compensation due to injury, uses biofeedback and most of all helps my patients. When used correctly, it can help produce better biomechanics with exercise, cues well. Sticks like no other tape. The colors available appeal to adults, teenagers and children. I'm not an employee of ROKTAPE. But advertise it day after day in my clinic without having to market it. I work for a great company. "We are the Place of an Athlete" D1. I would love to teach my colleagues and be certified to teach about this awesome tape. Hope this helps your reviews. Karrie Johnson, MSPT Director of Physical Therapy D1 Sports Medicine/ TOA Plano

rock tape fun starter kit

Written by christine elci on 24th Mar 2014

The best tape for elasticity and stickiness without patients having a bad reaction to it. Great fun prints for patients to pick from. Truly top notch tape. Great results. LOVE IT!

Great to have my hands on all of the different products.

Written by John Bauer on 10th Mar 2014

It's been great to experiment with the different products (2 in, 4 in, and edema strips). I was a bit disappointed in not getting the Rocksauce. Good adhesiveness and most importantly some real and immediate positive outcomes for those that I have applied the tape to.

Great Gear from a great clinic

Written by undefined on 3rd Mar 2014

Even though I am not at practitioner, I learned a ton at the PMT clinic. The Fun Pack is a great way for me to get started on everything I learned. Plus it sticks for dayzzzzzz!!!!!!

Fantastic Product

Written by Vincent on 3rd Mar 2014

I have never had any complaints about Rocktape. It is a fantastic product, and works well in all conditions.

Wicked cool fun

Written by undefined on 27th Feb 2014

I've been using the Rocktape since my box arrived and it is awesome. LOVE the tattoo print. Looks so real.

Great Color Options

Written by undefined on 24th Feb 2014

This package offered a great variety of colors/patterns for patients. Since I treat a lot of high school and middle school patients, the bolder the pattern the better. This tape sticks incredibly well!

Fun pack is a great name

Written by undefined on 23rd Feb 2014

I received the fun pack last week. My staff and I had fun trying to decide what color to tape each other. Thank you for a great product.

it really sticks! Stays and doesn't Roll.

Written by dr Dawn Keith-Madeiros on 25th Jan 2014

My office manager always a problem with the tape sticking from other brands. She was able to keep this tape on for five days and it really wasn't pulling by the time that she took it off! Getting a lot of great responses on the patterns. Especially the pixelated. Also thank you for the samples that I was able to use in the high school class the kids were fascinated by the rock tape!

awesome tape, much better then the product i was using previously.

Written by Noel Alonzo on 18th Jan 2014

Love the Rock Tape, the application is simple and long lasting. The product I use to use did not have the same lasting spring effect Rock tape has, I also use to have to spray a cleaner and adhesive spray on the Kinesio tape so it would stay on for numerous days. Not Rock Tape, this stuff Rocks, great job guys.

clients love crazy patterns and bright collors

Written by Viktor Bek on 12th Dec 2013

I was not sure if going with "fun" patterns is a smart idea but blue, tattoo, brown camo, pink camo, blue argyle, pink argyle, tiger, cow, were gone in mater of weeks I still have some solid colors left

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