Basic Seminar Starter Kit

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Basic Seminar Starter Kit includes:

18 standard rolls - 6 black, 3 beige, 3 black logo, 3 pink and 3 blue (2" x 16.4')

 2 rolls of Mini Big Daddy - 1 black, 1 beige (4" x 16.4')

 1 RockSauce Fire + 1 RockSauce Ice


No Substitutions for Starter Kit Specials.  Contents of Kits are subject to change without notice. 

Not valid with other offers.

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Limit 1 Starter Kit per Customer ( Seminar starter kits and discount codes are available to US customers only.)



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Reviews (19)

Basic Kit and Fun Kit

Written by Pomaikai Anduha on 20th Feb 2018

Great way to get started.. Once you get going you will need more tape when you discover the many ways you can use this tape to help your clients and patients... Great products...

Basic Seminar Starter KiT

Written by Adel Delprado on 30th Dec 2017

Great products, would definitely order again.

Great Reliable product

Written by Ar on 24th Apr 2017

I got the basic seminar kit. Nice variety . All my clients love Rocktape as much i enjoy using it for my family members and for my clients.

Great product

Written by Amanda Boucher on 10th Apr 2017

The product is great and the customer service was awesome too.

Best product on the market!

Written by Joe Stibolt on 15th Jan 2017

I love the product love the courses. The tape is my go to for almost everything. As a part of the package i was expecting both rock sauce chill and rock sauce hot. I just got the chill. Otber than that over all happy with what i got.

Bargain with a cost

Written by Eleanor DeVinny on 2nd Oct 2016

Great bargain, but no choice of tape color/patterns....didn't like the selections you included. You were out of hot/cold Rock Sauce, so you substituted 2 extra rolls of tape. I was disappointed with this as I wanted to try the Rock Sauce. I would have waited for the re-stock.

Best buy!

Written by Borbala on 18th May 2016

If you are starting your RockTape business it's a must have. Like the colors, like the big daddy, I wish they would add one bulk roll though.

Great philosophy and phenomenal instructor.

Written by Derek St. Thomas on 16th May 2016

I was pleasantly surprised with how the course was structured. It was fun, interactive and extremely beneficial for my career. Dr. K did a stellar job teaching and demonstrating. I will be attending two more courses because of how great this one turned out.

Great addition to our practice

Written by Cassandra on 25th Jan 2016

The RockTape course and products have been a valuable addition to our massage practice. We're seeing great results and clients are happy!

Great Product

Written by Dr. I Jo on 28th Jul 2015

This was a great addition to the work that I do in my chiropractic office. My patients are very happy with the product and feel that the product is of benefit to them and their health.

A valuable kit

Written by Xiaohua He on 5th Jul 2015

The start kit is valuable. I especially love the results very much.

Great starter kit!

Written by Taylor on 1st Jun 2015

This was a great starter kit to get enough supplies and promo material after taking the FMT course.

Great quality and variety!

Written by Brandon on 30th Apr 2015

I like the wide variety of tape colors. I tape for a triathlon team and everyone likes their own special colors so this kit is a great way to start color-wise. The tape is also very consistent and well-made I haven't heard any reports of tape prematurely coming off when taking proper care of it.

Perfect Starter Kit

Written by Donovan Manley on 3rd Apr 2015

RockTape sticks so much better and lasts longer than any I've tried. The Starter Kit has everything I need to start taping athletes/clients right away.

Best products

Written by undefined on 29th Mar 2015

Have tried three other brands. Rock Tape perform best. Clients love the 'fun tapes'

Best kinesiotape ever!

Written by Jared on 4th Oct 2014

Loved the colors but loved the results even more. Phenomenal results from myself and other therapists. Keep up the good work RockTape!

Great package

Written by Nick Mckim on 19th Sep 2014

This tape is amazing, movement correction and pain taping helps to speed recovery!!! I wouldnt want any other brand other than RockTape!!!

New user, happy clients

Written by undefined on 1st May 2014

Range of colors and options, clients love the product and love the selection.

new user, satisfied customer!

Written by John on 27th Mar 2014

I received a variety of colors and have used them all. Most of the patients have loved the results. I have shared some of my tape with other therapists to use with their patients and all positive feedback. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that uses this type of tape!

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