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Can't make up your mind on colors? The Sampler simplifies. We've taken our most popular colors and styles and created a stunning 6-pack of rainbow hues, just for you. A wee bit cheaper, too! We choose the colors for you; colors may not be the same as the image.  

Active-Recovery Series

ROCKTAPE is designed to enhance performance and recovery.  Unlike regular compression garments and tapes, ROCKTAPE can be used both to apply compression to promote recovery, or decompression to relieve pain* and swelling. Rocktape is engineered to meet the demands of endurance athletes like runners, swimmers and cyclists.

ROCKTAPE features:

- Stickier, hypoallergenic adhesive that won't fall off during competition

- 180% stretch, the same elasticity as skin, to promote full range of motion

- 97% cotton, 3% Nylon 6/12, low moisture absorption

- Tighter weave, which enables muscle to more easily "snap back" to neutral

- Water resistant

- Variety of designs and colors

- 5 meters in each roll

- Wearable for up to 5 days

Reviews (45)

Bulk regular PURPLE tap

Written by Terra on 6th May 2019

Either the tape is old or something is changed in the formula because it will not stick on my clients. I’ve never had this problem before. I’m considering sending it back

Sampler Pack

Written by Brandi Dooley on 22nd Mar 2019

Love the colors sent in my 6 pack sampler. Great value.


Written by Dr. Michael Hanson on 21st Jan 2019

couldn't ask for a better product for my patients!

6 pack sampler

Written by Emil Manfredonia on 1st Dec 2018

I use this wonder tape on my older patients in the home care population. They have chronic pain and they feel so much better after I tape them. The older folk get a kick out of it being used on them because some of them see the world athletes on tv using the same tape. They feel better and special at the same time. Highly recommend for this population that has chronic pain for many many years.

Awesome tape, awesome value

Written by Dr. Michael Smith on 7th Jan 2018

My patients are really enjoying the benefits of Rock Tape. The value pack is a great way to get an assortment of colors.

6 pk sampler

Written by Meg Pomeroy on 16th Dec 2017

An excellent choice for variety

Great value

Written by Brian on 10th Dec 2017

These 6-packs are my go to for my clinic use tape. Gives you a nice selection of tape for customers to choose from and saves a bit of money over buying individual rolls. Same great quality as all the other tape from Rock Tape.

Great way to try new colours

Written by Karma patel on 6th Nov 2017

I wish they gave different sample colours (camo would be cool) for us to try and potentially order more of. I've noticed a slight difference in quality between different colours.

More bang for your buck!

Written by relaxationstation25@hotmail.com on 11th Mar 2017

Standard size rolls purchased in bulk, you basically get a roll free. It's a great deal, I don't mind that the color selection is random because I use it in my classes to demo on my students for sports massage techniques.

Love the sampler pack

Written by Suzanne Earehart on 2nd Jan 2017

This is perfect for selling in the office!

6 pack sampler

Written by Eric on 2nd Sep 2016

The 6 pack sampler is a great deal. No you may not get the exact color you want but if you are a deal shopper it is the way to go.

Love it

Written by Brianna Hunt on 26th May 2016

I love my tape colors that i got with the sampler box. now i don't have to buy tape for a while unless i want a new color :P

Great Package

Written by Eric on 29th Apr 2016

It was good to get a variety that several people like

Great assortment

Written by Kraig Kirkdorfer, D.C. on 26th Apr 2016

The 6-Pack Sampler is a great way to get a small selection of different RockTapes to suit the tastes of all my patients.

Great Stick!

Written by Dr. Randi Ruela on 25th Apr 2016

I have used other tapes in the past and Rocktape has the best stick of any I have tried. My patients have noticed the difference too and they love picking a color from the assortment.

Great assortment/price

Written by undefined on 17th Apr 2016

Nice assortment of colors for a good price.


Written by undefined on 2nd Apr 2016

love the assortment


Written by undefined on 22nd Feb 2016

I like to get the variety pack because of the different colors you may get. Our patient's really like that to.

Best tape ever

Written by Len on 19th Aug 2015

I am a practicing trigger point, cupping and kinesio taping therapist, I have used several kinds of tapes but I now have used REAL TAPE for the first time. I'm a convert!!!

Better than any other!

Written by Robyn Crossman on 5th May 2015

As a chronically injured runner, I've used SO many braces, wraps, and tapes. I have been wearing RockTape for more than a year now since surgery and I absolutely LOVE it. I wore it on my wedding day so I could walk down the aisle without a cane! There's no way I would have done that, otherwise. RockTape provides something no other tape provides - STICKINESS with stability!!! I love that I can wear it for more than a week without it peeling in any way or even pre-prepping my skin with other products! If you haven't tried RockTape, don't even give it another thought - do it now!

Great product

Written by Dr. Michael Scatko on 20th Apr 2015

Great for my practice!

6 pack the bomb....

Written by juana on 10th Apr 2015

love love love it...........

I love RockTape!

Written by undefined on 27th Feb 2015

The best tape I have used to date. I won't use anythings else!

best tape of all PT tape

Written by Big Al on 23rd Nov 2014

I use taping for over use injury and crash recovery in my cycling training. I've been racing bikes for 20yrs. All levels up to pro. Used everything out there. If your going to move, sweat, or get wet. Rock Tape holds on the longest. Don't know what they do others don't, but bottom line it stays on your body better than the rest. In the end that means better results for less money. Because I use less tape.

Swimming in RockTape

Written by Dr. Gabby Trudeau on 10th Sep 2014

I went to the FMT seminar and was skeptical but after comparing their product to other competitors I came back to the RockTape. I love the extra adhesive, and the enthusiasm of Dr. Warren who taught the seminar. I bought this to convince the doctor I work for that we should carry/use this product in our office compared to some of the competitors, and after she tried it a few times she loved it. Although, now I have more rolls than I can go through at home, they may become this years stocking stuffers.

love having a variety

Written by Paul on 25th Jun 2014

All rock tape works great, I'm a new doctor with little money so it was nice to be able to get multiple colors at a good price!

Rock Tape Variety Pack

Written by Lori on 19th Jun 2014

It was a good deal to get 6 rolls for the price of 5, and the colors/styles chosen by the company were a good variety.

Great product

Written by Windy on 27th May 2014

I recommend this product to anyone needing a great kinesio tape. It's durable, doesn't aggravate the skin, and is aesthetically pleasing. Love the fabulous meets functional aspect of this tape!

Simply the best...

Written by Debra on 16th Feb 2014

I have used Rocktape for the past 10 months and love it for my wide variety of clients. It has great staying power and success in helping with postural and rehab specific taping. Amazing in edema control and even using for gout! Thanks Rocktape, keep up the fantastic work and research.

Best tape our clinic has used

Written by jackie massage therapist on 17th Dec 2013

Rock tape is great stuff. Our patients are amazed when we just stick tape on them and they feel better. Rock tape says it stays put for up to 5 days. We've seen it still there 10 days after applying it. WE LOVE ROCK TAPE!

Superior Adherence

Written by MG on 12th Nov 2013

I like the sampler pack because I like variety and surprise. I also like that the tape colors are true (red is really red, green is actually green, etc.). I admit that I have the World's Sweatiest Feet. No joke. Every single doctor that has touched my feet has agreed. With that said, I also have shin splints. I like to tape the tib anterior from origin to insertion, but bring the anchor around to the top of my foot for maximum adherence. Usually after one day, the tape on the sole of my foot comes undone -- not RockTape! The only negative thing I have found is I am slightly allergic to the adhesive. However, I have yet to find a tape that I am not allergic to, so I'm not at all surprised or off-put by this.

Great product and variety kit

Written by annmarie on 24th Sep 2013

great product. everyone in the PT and massage clinic love the variety of colors and our in-house hands on instructional time. thanks rocktape!

Simply amazing

Written by Auburn Williams on 23rd Sep 2013

I've used many different brands and none compare to the performance, wearability and longevity of RockTape! I'll continue using and loving it

Love Rocktape :)

Written by Ozzy on 19th Aug 2013

Much better than other tapes. Tape stays on. You get what you pay for.

Love this stuff

Written by Linda on 24th Jun 2013

I attended a seminar recently, ordered the sampler pack and have been using it with great success.

I use it daily in the clinic

Written by Meredith on 18th Jun 2013

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I treat patients with orthopedic injuried daily. Rocktape is by far the best tape that I have used. It can last anywhere from 2-5 days and my patients love it. I could not recomment this product more!


Written by Dana on 30th May 2013

This really is the best option for your money! Just wish I could have picked the 6 colors but the ones provided were fine :]

Love Rock Tape

Written by Leslie on 16th May 2013

I used Kinesiotape before using Rock Tape & of course, it just didn't do it.. I use Rock Tape a lot, Arthritis in my wrist & thumb. Lymph swelling with my leg- holding for back support. always something... I am constantly referring patients to Rock Tape... It's wonderful. I have made a lot of believer's! Thank you for developing such a great product.

Just what I expected

Written by undefined on 15th Apr 2013

Received 6 pack of 2" different colored Rocktape. Had received sample from Kinesiotaping seminar so received great deal on this product. Using tape on family for rotator cuff impingement, patellar tendonitis with great results for pain decrease. Tried it on swollen bruised post op knee of friend and got amazing results for pain reduction and dark purple bruise gone after 4 days of continuous use. I was a skeptical physical therapist but now am a believer!


Written by mick wilson dc on 8th Apr 2013

i like how easy the sampler is.... i just throw it on my patients love it

The Best tape around

Written by Davis Holt, D.C., CCSP on 13th Mar 2013

After using other tapes, Rock tape gives me the best piece of mind. That knowing when my patient leaves the clinic the tape is going to stay on, not fail and do what it is intended to do. Thanks Rock Tape for a great Product Davis Holt, DC,CCSP

Best KinTape in the world

Written by Jeffrey Sawyer D.C. on 21st Feb 2013

RockTape sticks longer, stretches farther, and puts every other kintape to shame. I use it on every patient from the young athletes with shoulder issues to my almost 80yr old grandmother who says she is getting full nights of sleep.

Killer Deal for Killer Tape

Written by Daniel Bronstein DC on 18th Feb 2013

If you don't care about what color tape you use, the six pack saves you $20 on 6 rolls. Pretty killer for docs who tape in bulk!

Great Product

Written by Teri Dodge on 6th Dec 2012

Looking forward to working with clients with Rock Tape products. Have already taped a few people and had great results!

Great sample, great price

Written by undefined on 27th Jul 2012

The box itself is great because it works as a display case.

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