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RockTape is the world’s best kinesiology tape. It can be used to treat sports and non-sports injuries.

How does it work?

RockTape microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, creating a decompressive effect. Stretchier, stickier and stronger than the competition, RockTape is preferred by athletes and health and fitness professionals throughout the world.

What are the benefits?

  • Relieves swelling through decompression which speeds recovery.
  • Increases awareness of your body position to help you maintain proper posture and form.


    • Ultra-Strong and Sticky
    • Hypoallergenic Adhesive
    • Water Resistant
    • 97% Cotton, 3% Nylon 
    • 180% Stretch for Full Range of Motion
    • Latex and Zinc Free
    • Sticks 2-7 Days
    • 5-10 Applications per Roll
    • Each Roll is 2"x16.4' (5cmx5m)
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Reviews (54)

Excellent products and delivery on point

Written by sharon fussell on 7th May 2022

excellents products and delivery is on point

2 inch rock tape

Written by Maureen Staudt on 10th Jul 2020

I have been using this tape for years on my arthritic finger. The tape supports my knuckle and helps maintain the integrity of the middle joint along with decreasing pain and discomfort. I have tried other tapes and found that Rock tape is the best.

2" Beige Standard rocktape

Written by Leslie on 28th Jun 2020

Great product. I've been using it for several years and found it supports healing and decreases inflammation from injuries. It lasts longer and supports healing better than other kinesiology tapes I've tried.

Beige RockTape

Written by Marty Corley on 19th Dec 2019

I’ve been a Rocktape user for years now.... even my physical therapist now orders rock tape because she realized mine had better “stick” power than what she was using. I like cutting my own, but love that Rocktape also came out with pre-cut.


Written by Kenny McHaney on 26th Jul 2019

The tape isn’t the problem. It’s fine. Since the new company and move your service level has dropped. I placed a small order and it took a long time to ship and there is still a back order pending for what should be a primary tape.


Written by Tkate on 18th Feb 2019

All rock tape is incredible, but we find that the beige tape is also easier on sensitive skin.


Written by Kacy on 21st Dec 2018


Rock Tape 2"

Written by Connie on 27th Sep 2018

Love the rock tape product. It sticks to the skin better than the other types of tape. My patients love the fun colors and patterns.

Rock tape beige/tan

Written by Mauren Staudt on 13th Jul 2018

I have been using Rock tape beige on my osteoarthritic middle finger for about six months. I can diminish the amount of pain by using the Rock Sauce first and then applying the rock tape. The Rock tape gives my joints in my arthritic finger enough support that I am able to continue to work as a holistic nurse doing structural acupressure (Zero Balancing) on my clients. I would recommend this product along with your Rock sauce to use on any arthritic joints.


Written by Kevin Snyder on 27th May 2018

Great product

2" Beige Rock Tape

Written by Linda on 10th Mar 2018

I was introduced to Rocktape by my PT. It's been extremely helpful after my knee surgery. I am extremely allergic to most adhesives, but can wear Rocktape for days on end, remove it & reapply immediately without any irritation. I love it!

The help with pain is way beyond what I had imagined

Written by undefined on 19th Feb 2017

The problem I have with the tape is keeping it stuck.

LOve it

Written by Judy Lutz on 17th Dec 2016

Except for the occasional "bad roll" I have had very good luck with this tape. Recently one of two rolls I ordered didn't stick and a replacement is "on the way" no questions asked. I have used this for 2 years and am very happy with it

Rock with Rock Tape

Written by Roberta J. Gerbrecht on 2nd Nov 2016

Rock tape is amazing.

My clients are loving it!

Written by undefined on 24th Oct 2016

Since taking the FMT-1, I have been taping my clients with great success. They are reporting less pain, faster healing and greater movement and stabilization in the joints I tape.

great product, even better customer service

Written by Janet on 21st Sep 2016

Rock tape has saved my life from daily plantar faschiitis pain to completely pain-free feet! I am amazed a little piece of tape can make such a big impression. The only issue I have is the stickiness of the tape is inconsistent. Sometimes it lasts 5 plus days, sometimes the corners come off within an hour. However, when I wrote the company to complain, they sent me a free replacement roll, even though I ordered from Amazon instead of them directly! I was very impressed with this standing behind their product even though it was bought through another dealer.

Really stays on

Written by Kim on 12th Sep 2016

Most recently I have been taping an Achilles that has been a little weird. Not hurting exactly, but sometimes I am "aware" of it. The Rock Tape has stayed on through 2 runs, several showers, a weight workout, and even a pool workout. It probably would have lasted longer but I removed it to let my skin see some daylight and to have a fresh application for a long run. I like the colors for races, but with the beige, most people don't even notice so I can keep it on for work and don't get lots of questions. V

2" rock tape

Written by undefined on 10th Jul 2016

love it!2710

patients love it blending in

Written by undefined on 6th Feb 2016

love it

Was I sent old tape?

Written by undefined on 24th Jan 2016

I have used my fair share of rocktape but this is the first time I've used the beige. The first 3 inches of the roll were unstretched (smaller than the paper) and fraying. I've never had this issue before. The adhesive while better than most tapes didn't seem as strong when applying it either. If this is normal for the beige I think I'll stick to the fun designs instead.

Rock Tape Rocks!

Written by undefined on 1st Aug 2015

I have had a high rate of success as reported by my clients and from personal experience in the following areas: Pain management, joint protection, reducing hypermobility, increasing stability, neurobiofeedback for muscle guarding and excessive compensatory muscle contractions and fall prevention by taping for fascilitation of muscle groups. In addition, it sticks for 3-5 days, after showering and even swimming although it looses some of its effectiveness in above strategies.

Excellent Product

Written by undefined on 8th Jun 2015

We order Rock tape for use at an Occupational Therapy office. The quality is superb.

This Product Gets Me Back To The Gym

Written by Lisa Grace on 4th May 2015

My P. T. introduced me to this tape while I was receiving physical therapy and it was a game changer for me. My knee has degenerative arthritis and the rock tape has allowed me to enjoy pain-free work outs and gym training sessions. I love it's "staying" power and can wear it and shower in it for up to 5 days before it needs to be replaced

Never thought tape would save my life

Written by Lauren on 21st Mar 2015

I get shinsplints really easily and this tape is a life saver! I got beige because sometimes you just want your tape to blend in. Plus ladies- I found that this stuff works wonders on those shoes that are cute but cause blisters. put a little strip where its tight or chafes and no more blisters! Ive used it with gym shoes and dress shoes, no one even notices. Best of all it blends in and is stickier than bandaids :)

Good variety

Written by undefined on 20th Mar 2015

We have used other brands and have found Rock Tape to be the best. We love the variety of choices as sometimes people want to have fun with the patterns and sometimes people don't want it to draw attention.


Written by Keith on 12th Mar 2015

This review is not for the tape as the tape is what it is; if you know how to use it then great, if not take a course or seek someone who is trained. This review is for after the purchase of the tape. Rocktape always sends the tape quickly and product arrives quickly and is what I order. I even occasionaly receive some bonus quick strips. Great company to work with; reccomend over other brands!

bulk tape is better

Written by Dr. Barkalow on 17th Nov 2014

I wanted bulk tape and you did not have ANY IN ANY COLOR IN STOCK so I got shuttled over to little rolls which doesn't work well for my office.

Secret weapon to fight knee pain and edema

Written by undefined on 8th Nov 2014

Not everyone, including therapists and doctors recognize the benefits of Rock Tape. But once you have used it correctly, you will want to tell others.

Rock Tape Rates

Written by John on 22nd Oct 2014

Rock tape works like no other. I get instant relieve when I rock tape!

Amazing tape

Written by Pat Andler on 13th Oct 2014

I went to a workshop in Columbus, Ohio about a month ago and started using the tape on my clients. I am a massage therapist and personal trainer. I have had success with all clients.

Longest Lasting

Written by undefined on 7th Sep 2014

We've tried 'em all. Rock Tape lasts 4-5 days. Beats all the others.

I love this tape!

Written by Emily on 6th Sep 2014

I love all rock tape, but sometimes my patients don't want it to show so much. This color is fantastic for that.

Physical Therapy Use

Written by Tim B on 4th Aug 2014

This tape performs the best I have used it is a great product. Our Clients love all the different design choices.

This tape is extremely good

Written by Heidi Hughett on 19th Jun 2014

I have been using this tape for 2 weeks now in my practice and so far the reviews are good.

great response

Written by undefined on 18th May 2014

Had an issue with some tape and it was quickly rectified and replaced

Works exactly as promised

Written by Barbara on 28th Mar 2014

I have a foot fall and this tape helps a lot to energize the muscles so that I can lift my foot. It also seems to help reduce the edema induced by recent surgery.

Great for figure skater knees!

Written by undefined on 15th Mar 2014

My coach changed the way I push and the result was more power AND tendonitis in my knee. My chiropractor applied RockTape and I was able to continue skating while recovering. It stays on through multiple practice sessions (and showers) and the beige color does not show through my tights. I highly recommend this product!

Best Tape ever!

Written by Integrated Wellness on 3rd Mar 2014

We love this tape! A lot of our patients have been using it and are loving the results!!

great poduct

Written by undefined on 23rd Dec 2013

Great product! I am a parent of a softball player. wish there was more info on this product. It greatly reduced her shoulder pain. she is allergic to the adhesive.


Written by DeAnn on 1st Oct 2013

This product actually works! It sticks on for days and days (unlike the other brand). You can feel the difference in the texture of the tape and that it is tougher.

Clients Love It!

Written by Snehal Gadkar, PT, DPT, OCS on 23rd Sep 2013

The color blends in with most skin tones and people love the discreteness of it for everyday wear on visible areas such as the arms and shoulders.

Nude RockTape

Written by Jessica on 12th Sep 2013

Exactly what we were hoping for! Its hardly noticeable when our cheerleading patients use it for competition! We love all RockTape colors and designs!

Great Color

Written by erwin on 21st Aug 2013

Students love this color very much!

Patients love rocktape

Written by Dr. H on 8th Aug 2013

My patients can really tell a significant benefit when using rocktape.

My clients like the simple beige color

Written by undefined on 10th May 2013

Since clients prefer the beige color, I would continue to order more of them. I personally like the feel of it.

Helped my high arches feel less painful

Written by Tom Riddell on 21st Dec 2012

The Rocktape helps support my high arches. Simple as that. Feels better.

Rock Tape Rocks!

Written by Kevin Jameson on 4th Dec 2012

This is an amazing product! I am an avid swimmer. Unfortunately, I also suffer from arthritis in both shoulders. As my discomfort increased, I was afraid I would have to give up swimming. Then my chiropractor applied Rock Tape to my shoulders and arms and the relief I felt was almost instantaneous. In fact, it is so effective that I find I don't need to rely as heavily on anti-inflammatory drugs! I'm telling you this stuff is wonderful! I will ALWAYS be a customer!

Best "People Duck Tape" On the Market

Written by Jyme Marcotte on 4th Dec 2012

Love this product. It's stretchy, sticky and stays on for several days, even in the surf. It's been holding this old body together for quite some time. Thank you!

Nuetral color

Written by Jennifer on 30th Nov 2012

We order this when people don't like the variety but like the tape.

Totally love it!

Written by undefined on 25th Oct 2012

We love all the different rock tape! All the colors and prints are wonderful for all ages.

Great Tape

Written by Dr. Craig Hall on 19th Sep 2012

As a Doc I have been using the original K Tape for years on my patients and myself, and can say that Rock Tape far outperforms it. Stickier, stretchier, and the material feels more durable. With the proper skin prep I have had the tape stay on for 8 days! Thanks for the great product! I would like 2 inch marks on the back though.

Tried them all

Written by Kriss on 13th Aug 2012

Stats: 49, Male, Overweight, bad knees, lower back pain Using various KT tape now for 4 months Use: KT tape gets me thru my work outs and provides me with a solution that helps reduce damage to this old frame. Swimming, Bike, walking, playing with family and dog. Conclusion: Other Brands of KT don't stick. PERIOD! Using rolls of tape to get benifit but they just don't stick. Solution: RockTape stays on. Actually, it's the best tape I have tried and I have tried more than a few of them. Stays on under cloth, in the water and on the bike. It helps support my workout. Thanks RockTape.. You allow me to get better!


Written by undefined on 18th Jul 2012

Love this product


Written by Tina on 13th Jun 2012

The tape did not work for me at all.

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