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Win Your Warmup with RockFloss! 

RockFloss is a new, reusable mobility tool that can help you move better and with less pain*. RockFloss is a simple, latex, elastic band that fits easily in your gym bag or backpack. It’s easy, convenient and reusable. 
  • Unglue sticky and stiff muscles 
  • Reduce muscle and joint pain* 
  • Improve flexibility 
RockFloss uses the science of compression and fascial shearing to help ‘unstick’ muscles and joints so they move better and with less pain*. 
  • 2 inches wide by 7 feet long
  • Each box includes detailed instructions on how to use RockFloss
  • Detailed "How To" videos available online
When should you use RockFloss?
RockFloss can be used before or after training, or as part of a rehabilitation program. If you are currently being seen by a medical professional, you should talk to your medical professional about using RockFloss.
Need someone to help you move? Find a medical professional near you right here.
How should I use RockFloss?
You can use RockFloss on almost any part of the body; the only limitation is the size of the body part you intend to treat. Shoulders, knees, wrists, elbows, hips and ankles are all great target areas. You should never use RockFloss on your head or neck.
RockFloss contains detailed instructions, or you can view our online instructions here.

Reviews (10)


Written by Payto redden on 28th Oct 2018

Just bought my second Band and love it. Finding more uses everyday. Starting to suggest it to patients especially my runners for warm ups.

Great addition to any sports med facility

Written by Eric on 22nd Aug 2018

Excellent tool to add to the arsenal in our athletic training room. Would be 5 stars if it’s a little longer. Winds up a short a few times when you try and floss a knee.


Written by Michael Richards on 16th Aug 2018

I was skeptical about the rockfloss but I gave it a try and realized how effective it is. My lower legs , especially my calves have been real tight from running and jump roping. I used the floss and put my foot and ankles through some range of motion movements and then stretched and rolled my calves and the next day they felt good as new and ready for a new day of training. Now is this product a silver bullet cure for any and all muscle related soreness or tightness? No, but it is one the many tools that is vital to help keep your muscles ready to go and healthy

Rock Floss

Written by Tracie L Pletcher on 24th Jul 2018

I got this because a PT had used it on my ankle injury with great results. Already two client with similar injuries are delighted with how much more mobile and strong their ankles feel. I am thrilled with the fast results


Written by Jackieblu on 21st Jul 2018

Love rockfloss! It has really increased the mobility of my patients. Highly recommended !

rock floss

Written by Brooke on 7th May 2018

I used the floss pre squats, on my ankle. My ankle had been achy all day & I was worried about squatting. After about 2-3 minutes of the rock floss my ankle felt much loser & less achy.

rock Floss

Written by Dance Medicine PT on 1st May 2018

Ballerinas that I treat have found the rock floss to be a great addition to their daily routine for increasing ROM and decreasing fluid in the area. It's easy to transport and the technique can be taught easily in a short amount of time.

Rock floss review

Written by Conrado Ramon Albar Navarro on 5th Apr 2018

Product is good and easy to use.

rock floss

Written by Nancy Richards on 20th Oct 2017

love anything rock tape .....gonna take me some time to get used to wrapping it right but it works. great company and products

Could be better

Written by Tom on 21st Aug 2017

The quality and efficacy of rock floss is just what you would expect. The problem I have run into is that it should come in different lengths for different sized people. There is enough length to work for my knee, but a heavier patient might only see half their knee get covered before they run out of rubber. I would say that it should be around 50% longer and it would be perfect!

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