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PowerTaping made easy. Step by step instruction manual with over 100 photos showing you both application and theory behind PowerTaping.

Foreword by Thomas Myers author of Anatomy Trains and Don Chu author of Jumping into Plyometrcis 

Written in an uncomplicated and easy to understand manner, PowerTaping is a perfect text for DCs, ATs, MTs, MDs, coaches or athletes. 

This new version covers rehab, pregnancy and performance applications. 

Developed and written by Dr. Steve Capobianco & Greg van den Dries, PowerTaping provides practitioners and athletes an opportunity to maximize performance outcomes via a conservative, easy-to-apply, safe, and legal method.

3.2 Edition published January 01, 2013

228 pages.


Reviews (8)

Could be more interesting

Written by Borbala on 18th May 2016

It's a great book but if you did both FMT and PMT classes it's a little bit redundant. Not a lot of new stuff compared to the booklets they gave out. Which is I guess shows how good the booklets are. :) Anyway it's a good collection, you don't have to look around in different places for what you need. It still has some new info so I would buy it again.

Great resource for FMT Docs

Written by Randi Baptiste on 8th Sep 2014

This is a much need product for FMT certified Practioners it give history, the present day and the future of Fasical taping. Existing stuff am looking forward to what's ahead for us FMT Practioner. Keep up the good work am behind you 100%

Must have book!

Written by Sinead Imbaro on 25th Mar 2014

I took both course FMT 1&2 and even though I have the course outline notes this book just goes hand in hand.

Power Taping Manual

Written by Theresa on 29th Sep 2013

It would have helped to have this book when I was taking the certification class. This should be the workbook given as part of the class instead of trying to keep up with writing notes.

Great book!

Written by Amy on 22nd Aug 2013

Great informational manual that takes the confusion out of taping. Lots of easy to follow diagrams & instructions. The only negative comment I have is I shouldn't have waited so long to purchase!!

Very thorough and easy to follow!

Written by Steve Jordan www.stevejordan.com on 27th Mar 2013

This manual and the information inside is well organized. It makes the application and reason for taping easy to follow and effective.

Wonderful clinical tool

Written by undefined on 10th Dec 2012

I am very happy I made this purchase. Great photos and descriptions on applying rock tape for a variety of physical problems. A welcome addition to my professional library and clinical reference.

Roc Your Body

Written by Don Carlo on 7th Oct 2012

The perfect explanation and illustrations for many applications of properly using Roc Tape for the active person. This manual gives an overview of the many applications Roc Tape can be applied for everybody and for daily use in activities, competition, prevention and recovery. Recommended for anyone that is active in today's lifestyles!

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