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RockTape is the world’s best kinesiology tape. It can be used to treat sports and non-sports injuries, including shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee and back pain*.

How does it work?

RockTape microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, creating a decompressive effect. Stretchier, stickier and stronger than the competition, RockTape is preferred by athletes and medical professionals throughout the world.

What are the benefits?

  • Relieves swelling through decompression which speeds recovery.
  • Increases awareness of your body position to help you maintain proper posture and form.


    • Ultra-Strong and Sticky
    • Hypoallergenic Adhesive
    • Water Resistant
    • 97% Cotton, 3% Nylon 
    • 180% Stretch for Full Range of Motion
    • Latex and Zinc Free
    • Sticks 2-7 Days
    • 5-10 Applications per Roll
    • Each Roll is 2"x16.4' (5cmx5m)
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Reviews (41)

Rocktape 2 "

Written by Pamela L Tickel, D.C. on 30th Jun 2018

Fabulous results!!! I love the flexibility on many areas of the body as well as the staying power!

Best Hands Down

Written by Joshua Gonzales on 15th Sep 2017

RockTape is an amazing creation and far superior to any other kinesiotape tape brands on the market. This tape works as described and I use it religiously on myself, friends, family, and my patients. If you experience anything for an sprain to sciatica this tape will make all the difference in increasing healing time to decreasing the pain. This is always a good product to have on hand and RockTape is the only place you should get it from because you will be disappointed by all the rest.

Relief for sore shoulder

Written by Donnie on 4th Nov 2016

I'm 64 and doing crossfit 4 times a week I was plagued with a sore shoulder until I taped it with rock tape. It's pretty amazing stuff it took my pain from 8 down to a 2.

The Tape That Changed My Life

Written by Ralph Falzarano on 2nd Apr 2016

My PT started using RockTape as a treatment option. This tape has made a significant difference in my level of health and ability to walk and cycle. No words to suffice for this great product and tool.


Written by Phil Menendez on 30th May 2015

I first used the tape at a charity event and have been stuck ever since. Simply put when I use it my knees don't hurt. If I don't use it or remove it during a ride the knees start to hurt! I also use the Rock Sauce which seems to keep my knees warm and loose. Did I mention that I'm a 68 year old man with very bad knees!! Love the products!!

pleasantly surprised.

Written by undefined on 28th Mar 2015

Had a couple of stingers that just wouldn't go away. Did a complete wirkout with the tape with very little pain. Love this tape.

It gets the job done!

Written by undefined on 27th Mar 2015

Very satisfied with this product because it stays on the skin for a while compared to other products .

Excellent product!

Written by Jeremy Arthur on 26th Mar 2015

I used this for plantar fasciitis and it negated nearly all my pain.

Logo Tape

Written by Ryan on 26th Feb 2015

I tape stubborn movements / patterns in my practice, such as feet and hips, and the tape with logo has a much better "tension" than without logo, in my opinion. I love RockTape for its adhesive and stretch.


Written by undefined on 16th Feb 2015

Just received the Rock Tape and have used it on a few clients. Sturdier than Kinesiotape and adheres better. Am waiting to see its longevity and effect on clients skin as well as clinical effectiveness Also appreciate the taping ideas insert and love the colors. So far ,so good and thank you for the sample .

RockTape is the leader in stability and function

Written by Derek on 27th Oct 2014

I've used RT knee caps and now am using RT kines-tape. Love this stuff. When used properly RT stabilizes and pushes me through every workout just as strong as the one before it!

RockTape lasts longer

Written by Lyle on 2nd Oct 2014

I've used a variety of brands of kinesiology tape and find RockTape to last the longest. Other brands begin to peel off after only one day.


Written by lisa on 27th Sep 2014

Rocktape helped me a lot with my shin splints. I can run again and do double unders, both hurt a lot before using the tape. It also works for taping fingers/hands for lifts or pull-ups. The adhesive is great, it stays on for around 4 days until it comes of a little at the ends (with 1-2 workouts and showers a day). No other kinesio tape was that sticky and no other helped that much with my shins. Thanks Rocktape!

Awesome product

Written by undefined on 25th Sep 2014

I was having knee problems so I was recommended to use Rock Tape. I was a bit skeptical at first and thought it was gimmicky but it really helped me while I was training for my long runs. It really helped eased the pain. Only thing I don't like is that the ends would roll up sometimes. Highly recommended!!!

ROCKTAPE is great

Written by Justin Graham on 1st Sep 2014

I have very active kids that do multiple sports. As a coach of those sports I appreciate a solution to an injury besides an over the counter or a prescription drug. Especially since the result is just about instant and you don't need to wait 3-4 days for something else to start working. Thank you RockTape

Amazing healing!

Written by undefined on 10th Aug 2014

I put on AT and tennis elbow, which caused major sciatica pain, I took off after a day, but it really healed me. Incredible!

Love the colors for this great product.

Written by tom hyde on 8th Aug 2014

You can't miss seeing someone taped with the Red Logo of Rocktape. The tape sticks extremely well like all their products. Love it.

Preventing the injury before it happens

Written by alexander on 21st Jul 2014

Being a Powerlifter, I often have to train around, or through an injury. As I'm no longer a young man, I take preventative measures when I squat over 500lbs. With Rocktape, I'm learning new ways to stop that injury before it happens!

Love RockTape

Written by Mrs Rogers on 22nd Jun 2014

Always see Crossfit people with this tape on them so I decided to give it a try, I cannot believe the difference it makes; I use the tape on old injuries and it's helped my performance. Definitely recommend RockTape!

This tape really works!

Written by undefined on 5th May 2014

Great product, kinesiotape works wonders if applied correctly. The rocktape sticks and stays on well!

sample great.....better than actual purchased product

Written by dr. craig on 28th Apr 2014

unparalleled kinesiotape in all aspects......the sample however seems a bit more robust and tacky than the actual product which is noticeable thinner tape. I wish lesser quantities where available for customization. tape is number one in our office with over a dozen other brands sample in over 25 years of useage

Love it!

Written by undefined on 27th Apr 2014

Holds very well and I forget I even have it on at times. I use this with the Rock Sauce and absolutely love it!

Very Productive!

Written by undefined on 20th Apr 2014

Great product! As a sports chiropractor, this product is extremely effective and durable for the athletes who need to either enhance their performance or help recuperate from a sports injury.

Best so far.

Written by rrivera93@hotmail.com on 24th Feb 2014

Hands down, best adhesion, last a couple days longer than other tapes I've used. I work lifting stuff all day , and I go to the gym right after, rocktape stands tuff. Love it. Will be buying more.


Written by Auburn on 20th Feb 2014

Only one word needed for this product. Amazing, by far this is the best brand out there!

Check out this work during upcoming PBR events starting in April or May.

Written by Dr Jeff on 6th Feb 2014

I love working rodeos. The cowboys usually sweat other tapes off... But not Rock Tape... It holds stronger Longer!!!!

Superior Kinesiology tape

Written by Clay Townsley on 29th Jan 2014

I have used this tape on my patients/athletes as well as myself and it stays on in the most harsh conditions. It stays on through workouts, sweat and showers.

This is a superior kinesiology tape

Written by Clay Townsley on 4th Dec 2013

I have used a variety of kinesiology tape brands and have found Rock Tape to be a superior product. The adhesive quality and staying power are the best I have experienced.

Best Sports Tape Ever!

Written by undefined on 1st Nov 2013

I find this tape superior to all other sports tape I have used. It holds better, keeps it's stretch longer and lasts longer!

Works Great

Written by undefined on 30th Sep 2013

Tried other brands of kinesiotape and had horrible results with them staying on. I've used Rock Tape for two triathlons and multiple runs and have had excellent results. Tape stays on.....even when I had lotion on my legs. Finally a product that works as advertised!!! I've been highly recommending Rock Tape to my tri and running friends. Oh, and thanks to the wonderful customer service person who sent me a sample to try before I placed my order.

Rock Tape stays on for 5 days

Written by Victor Sellinger on 17th Sep 2013

I applied the rock tape on my Achilles tendon and on the medial knee area. I used the instructions on-line. Everything was perfect! Easy to apply and the support was excellent! I have never had other brands of kinesiology tape adhere as well as Rock Tape.

Love the color and product.

Written by undefined on 14th Aug 2013

I have been using this particular product now for several months. I love the way this tape sticks compared to some of the other brands. Those on whom the tape is applied also seem to like the color and the fact that it stays on longer than most other brands. They also feel support and stability when this tape is applied.

Love it!!

Written by Team KMA on 11th Jul 2013

This is the BEST tape. I use the tape for my knee along with my fellow Martial Arts teammates that use the tape for knees or ankles, we find ROCKTAPE superior to others. We do a lot of movements and ROCKTAPE sticks and is comfortable. The video's are helpful and the selection of colors is wonderful. Team KMA loves ROCKTAPE!!!

All the rocktape works great

Written by Charles Blum,DC on 22nd Jun 2013

I pretty much use whatever is on sale and find that the color makes no difference, they are all great. But when a patient of mine noticed I had some red rock tape her eyes lit up and asked if I could use that on her ankle and foot since it matched her nail polish. Maybe I need to figure out what the nail salons are using and have different color rock tape to match all the colors.

Great tape

Written by Tom Hyde on 21st Jun 2013

Over the years, I have used many kinesiology tapes and I love the Rock Tape. This tape sticks as well or better than any tape I have used.

Is there nothing this tape can't fix?

Written by Lucia Morkes on 13th Jun 2013

In June of 2012 I was hit by some farm equipment during a team time trial. I suffered a serious head injury, landing me in intensive care on a ventilator. I have made an amazing recovery, and thought everything was going great through off season training, after 4 months completely off the bike. Then it came time to start adding intensity, and something just wasn't working. Every time I'd go significantly above threshold, my legs would just shut down, like someone turning off a light switch. Week after week, month after month I battled in training and races, getting dropped in sprints, dropped on climbs, and getting more and more frustrated and depressed with my riding. My legs were also continually in knots, no matter how much foam rolling I did, and my right SI joint was killing me. In desperation I went to Dr. Lynch at Rose Garden Health. In addition to ART therapy, she applied RockTape to my legs and low back, and what an improvement! I could actually get my quads to fire and sustain more power! I still have a ways to go to now get the top end training that I've been missing all season, but at least I have access to it now. It seems RockTape even cures head injuries! Thanks RockTape!

Nothing like it.

Written by Missy Erickson on 7th Apr 2013

For a while, I was having pain coming from my wrist from a surgery I had a few years ago. Doing olympic lifts and other lifting exercises was hard and my progress was hindered by it. I used the carpal tunnel taping technique along with another adaption and was amazed by the support and mobility I had. I was able to push harder, lift faster, and come out of a session feeling confident. Now I don't go to the weight room without it.

Great stuff!

Written by Adam on 27th Mar 2013

Great tool for serious athletes.

Better back day!

Written by undefined on 22nd Feb 2013

sticks very well, great color for motivation on back day.

Awesome Tape

Written by Richard on 30th Jan 2013

By far the best tape I have used. Whether for preventive, healing, recovery purposes, Rock Tape has proven to work no matter what the conditions - hot, cold, sweating, rain, etc. The compression, elasticity, and adhesive qualities are amazing and surpass all others I have tried.


Written by Cortney on 29th Jan 2013

RockTape ROCKS! I could go for a "quieter" color but it was on sale. No matter the color, this stuff ROCKS! I am a firm believer in it. Has kept me out of surgery for a few years now and I hate when I run out.

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