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RockTape is the world’s best kinesiology tape. It can be used to treat sports and non-sports injuries, including shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee and back pain*.

RockTape is committed to offering bulk tape for medical practitioners, athletic trainers and others who desire the best kinesiology tape at competitive prices. Our standard tape, H20 line, and Big Daddy tape is all available in bulk quantities.

How does it work?

RockTape microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, creating a decompressive effect. Stretchier, stickier and stronger than the competition, RockTape is preferred by athletes and medical professionals throughout the world.

What are the benefits?

  • Relieves swelling through decompression which speeds recovery.
  • Increases awareness of your body position to help you maintain proper posture and form.


    • Ultra-Strong and Sticky
    • Hypoallergenic Adhesive
    • Water Resistant
    • 97% Cotton, 3% Nylon 
    • 180% Stretch for Full Range of Motion
    • Latex and Zinc Free
    • Sticks 2-7 Days
    • Each Roll is 2"x105' (5cmx32m)
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Reviews (24)

Possibly best product in the catalog

Written by Paul-Wayne Mahlow on 28th Apr 2018

A lot of tape that always sticks for high volume needs. Perfect!


Written by Wendy R Castillo on 23rd Apr 2018

I have been using Rock Tape on almost ALL of my clients at my practice. People are loving the support and stability it brings to sore muscles and joints without restricting the body's range of motion after a Sports Massage !

The best

Written by Kat on 8th Feb 2018

Finally ordered some more Rock Tape, and was I so excited when it arrived. I'd been suffering using a different brand for a month, and boy what a difference!! I just love this product!

2" rock tape

Written by James LoConte on 16th Dec 2017

Rock Tape is the only taps I use. I go through 1-2 rolls a day while working on patients. It's a simple but amazing product and patients love it!


Written by Michael on 12th Feb 2017

It does the job. If I'm on my feet all day,it really hurts to walk the next day. With the tape, I have very little pain the next day. It lasts almost all week. Could be a little stickier.

Great pain reducer

Written by Andrew Kirking on 27th Nov 2016

Just like the regular sizes. This stuff is incredible, everything from rotator cuff surgery, bunions, slipped disks, sprains, muscle tears and just aches and pains. Keeps me going strong and feeling good without reaching for ibuprofen all the time.

Wish the background was blue or turquiose or some other interesting good feng shui color.

Written by Catherine vosecky on 13th Mar 2016

I absolutely LOVE Rocktape. You have helped so many of my clients!!!I love this tape, but black and white? Where is the love of color? Many of my clients are not black and white people. You need to create your rock tape logo with different colors like turquoise.

Review of recently purchased products

Written by undefined on 23rd Dec 2015

I love the products and I use them all the time in my training room with all my athletes. I can't wait to see new products coming out.

One of our favorites

Written by Coach Robert Roos on 22nd Nov 2015

I use RockTape almost daily in our clinic and the black logo is the most requested by my athletes.

All Rock Tape rocks.

Written by undefined on 24th Oct 2015

Rock Tape makes top quality products, love them all.

THE BEST on the market

Written by Andrew on 8th Sep 2015

I have tried every kinesiology tape on the market.... hands down, Rock Tape is the most durable and reliable. If you want the tape to STAY ON during intense exercise, this is your tape.

rock tape rocks

Written by Dr Jeff on 21st Aug 2015

Awesome tape and it sticks better than any other


Written by undefined on 13th Aug 2015

Love the logo. Wish I could order red or purple logo in bulk.

really works

Written by Karen Mylar on 31st Jul 2015

my husband uses the tape on a daily basis , for shoulders , back and knees , he is a bodybuilder and something always hurts , if it wasn't for the tape he couldn't do what he does, especially since he is 65.

tape that stays on, does it's job!

Written by Richard H. Vail,DC,ND on 13th Apr 2015

Not a treatment in itself, but an great adjunct, supporting the area of concern for the patient.

Best product out there

Written by undefined on 7th Feb 2015

The only tape in our office. We love the results we get with Rock Tape, it stays on the patients skin well and the patients love the colors too.

It does stick

Written by undefined on 15th Oct 2014

I just started using tape for my ankles and still figuring out the best way to tape for the issues I am having. However, I started with KT tape and just recently purchase Rocktape and so far I am loving Rocktape over KT as Rocktape actually does stay on your skin as stated. KT tape is off in the first shower, if it makes it to that point.

my go to anytime tape!

Written by Molly Young Denomy on 17th Apr 2014

The packaging makes quick workshop demo s flow seamlessly and people are always impressed at the immediate benefits! Its my go - to favorite!

good stretch

Written by hyung kang on 31st Jan 2014

Overall good product to use.

ducktape for muscles (and joints)

Written by al shen on 23rd Dec 2013

good stuff, lasts long and great support

Great Tape!

Written by Mike on 17th Jan 2013

Tape holds longer than other name brand kinesiology tapes.

Great quality product that works for patient care

Written by undefined on 28th Nov 2012

We began using this product last month in october after several OT and PT staff members attending a taping seminar. It works much better for a variety of taping needs than the general kinesiotape we had used in the past but is more expensive.

Instant relief for patients

Written by undefined on 19th Oct 2012

I have been treating a patient for a month for ITB and runners knee. Slow progress. Never even thought of using Rock Tape until I noticed my knees hurting when I ran as well. I applied standard knee set and an ITB set on her and she was able to run 5 miles the next morning with no swelling and pain free. She is back to training for her marathon that we both thought she was not going to be able to do. Thank you Rock Tape. It makes me a better physician for my patients

Rock tape holds well vs other kinesiotapes

Written by Jim Flood MS PT on 13th Aug 2012

I work with many competitive tennis players and have found the Rock tape adhesive qualities to be superior to standard kinesiotape. Particularly true in warm environments like southern cal

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